Skittering Centipede - Custom Hearthstone Card

Skittering Centipede

5th May, 2019 (RR)

Made by Aether ()

LithiumSpark 2 years ago
Very cool concept, and very flavorful! 5/5 :qnikkoHi:
Mercynary5 2 years ago
nevermind, thought its 5 mana. whoops, good card.
Mercynary5 2 years ago
Good one, I don't like severe under-stat points, I feel that Spectral Knight is much better than this. Otherwise, good idea overall.
Aether (creator)2 years ago
Spells, Hero Powers, and minion attacks/battlecries will be re-targeted to the swapped minion. This also works on your turn, so you won't be able to buff/heal it unless it's the only minion you have.