Sea King Reduark - Custom Hearthstone Card

Sea King Reduark

13th August, 2019 (RR)

Made by mendinja

TheFriendlyEnemy (3.7)5 months ago
@DragonicDoom This actually has a lot of potential imo, given Scarlet Webweaver exists. In Wild, this + Play Dead is often game-winning, so I'll look at Standard. You could play this with Nine Lives, Dollmaster Dorian, etc.
DragonicDoom (4)5 months ago
While I like the idea, It's just way too slow. A 9 mana 9/9 that has no immediate effect is pretty awful. Maybe if it was an 8 cost 8/8 that sets them to 8 could work, since you could at least run it with Goblin Prank on turn 10. Right now, its only viable with something like Oondasta or in Wild with Kathrena Winterisp.
Thestalost (3.8)5 months ago
Eh, a rough 9/10