B. Masters The Impatient - Custom Hearthstone Card

B. Masters The Impatient

3rd September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by LiteBlueJay ()

SirCat 3 years ago
I had played Nozdurmo a lot when I first started to play Hearthstone because I got him in gold. Though he did cause some terrible decisions, he nearly never really ended someone's turn. So this would most likely just be a 3 mana 4/3 that does nothing.
*'The' shouldn't be capitalized btw*
suchti0352 3 years ago
Nozdurmo meta incoming
PoodleFez 3 years ago
Poor Trump.
toothlessmon 3 years ago
150/10 I really love this card, Although It feels that this being in the demon pool is a little to powerful (I mean you can get 2/3 copies of this in lock and then in wild cast nozdormu and win the game.
GeneralGrievous 3 years ago
LiteBlueJay (creator)3 years ago
...This is a dumb card now that I actually look at it... Oh well.
LiteBlueJay (creator)3 years ago
Maybe a fireball or two'll put some pep in your step!