Rotwick the Hollow - Custom Hearthstone Card

Rotwick the Hollow

11th October, 2018 (TBP)

DestroyerR (4.1)8 months ago
Made it a 2/3, it’s in the gallery if anyone wants to upvote/promote
Figelop (3.7)8 months ago
I would say just make it a 3/3 or 2/3
PoodleFez 8 months ago
wouldn't it make mroe sense from balance and synergies for it to be at least similar to a 2/2? maybe a 2/3 would be good then it feels less sticky to get the deathrattle working and feels closer to just slightly upgrading a treant but not removing it's treant-ness. awesome idea though.
DestroyerR (4.1)8 months ago
@Sqentontheslime 5 Mana is way too weak. 4 Mana could be good
Sqentontheslime 8 months ago
No it isn't, it's bad but not THAT bad, anyway with that Deathrattle it would be 4-5 mana anyway
DestroyerR (4.1)8 months ago
@01error10 wdym? Venomancer is one of the worst cards in the game
01error10 8 months ago
This is just a 3 mana venomancer, which is a 5 mana card. Idea is great but the balance is over the charts.