The Lord of Fears - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Lord of Fears

25th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Cabronza

ADankHeadHunter 2 years ago
Elise: Forever Lost: Replace every card in your opponent's deck with "Choose a Path" (That one Card that discovers a card)
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
Mecha-Jaraxxus: Protocol Error: Summon seven 6/6 Infernals. Magnetize a random Magnetic minion to each of them.
Dr.Badtimes 2 years ago
Lazar - Y'Shaarj's Death: Destroy all minions in your opponent's deck that cost (5) or more.
Dr.Badtimes 2 years ago
Rastakhan - Nazmani Coup: Lifesteal, Deal 2 damage to all enemy characters. Summon 2 Blood Troll Worshippers.
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)2 years ago
Time for someone to do King Rastakhan.
Untitled_One 3 years ago
The cards aren't the most balanced, but that would be difficult to do and the lore is the focus—and I'm loving it.
And I love these additions @matrix123mko , well done.
Cosmic14 (4)3 years ago
Sir Annoy-o - Being Ignored: For the rest of the game, your opponents Minions are Silenced and have -1 Attack
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)3 years ago
Oh, my mistake. Fearsome Doomguards, not just Doomguards. Yeah, my mistake. I had expected 35 face damage, LOL.
Cosmic14 (4)3 years ago
What about sir annoy-o's "Worst fear?"
Dr.Badtimes 3 years ago
Nemsy - Fall of Gnomeregan: Summon Mechgineer Thermaplugg and 6 Leper Gnomes and trigger all friendly minions' Deathrattles.
HeyBuddyChum 3 years ago
@Stevwthebarbarian Sealing your Doom summons the 6/8 doomguards, not the ones with Charge (sorry if you knew this already) so you do have a turn to either win or clear the board
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)3 years ago
Is there *any* viable way you could survive Sealing your Doom?
Randomizer (3.6)3 years ago
Why is Hunter's fear so weak? I get that you have the potential to discard your hand with it, but most of the time you're going to laugh in the Lord of Fears' face when he casts a downsided Pyroblast as his main event.
Center 3 years ago
Love the creativity, the attention to detail with each fear and the fact that you followed up on the feedback posted. 5 stars.
matrix123mko 3 years ago
Maiev - Betrayer's reign: Summon Illidan and add 6 coins to your hand.
Alleria - Loss of control: Summon all Old Gods, give them taunt.
Arthas - Fall of Lordaeron: Cast Death and Decay. If a minion died this way, repeat it.
Tyrande - Burning of Teldrassil: Whenever your opponent plays a minion this game, deal 3 damage to it.
Morgl - Corruption of the tides: For the rest of this game, your opponent has 50% chance to play a minion on the wrong side of battlefield.
Medivh - Demonic origins: Your opponent's spells have random targets.
Magni - Legion invasion: For the rest of this game, whenever your opponent plays a minion, summon random demon.
Lunara - Death of Cenarius: Summon Grommash and cast inner rage on him.
Kapiork 3 years ago
The 'enemy hero' should be written as 'they', 'their'. Although the fears make little to no sense with the alternate skins, the idea is great. Also I think it would be better if The Lord of Fears had a real name.