Devouring Magic - Custom Hearthstone Card

Devouring Magic

12th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by MurlocAggroB

MurlocAggroB (3.8) (creator)3 months ago
@LiteBlueJay Probably people disliking the custom keyword, or not seeing the token part and dismissing the card. Or something.
LiteBlueJay 3 months ago
Really great idea. Matz said it all, and I too love seeing keywords used in custom cards.
I wonder why this has such a low star score though. It has great design and would make for an interesting deck... :thinking:
Matz 3 months ago
Really interesting, the card can be pretty strong if used right, and you don't have to waste a spell the turn you play it, so your opponent is the first one to suffer from it.
As for maintaining the Rune up, it's pretty hard for warlock atleast in existing archtypes, as they mostly use high-cost spells.
I also love seeing someone use my keyword.
MurlocAggroB (3.8) (creator)3 months ago
My first stab at using a community keyword.