Aerek, the Incarnate - Custom Hearthstone Card

Aerek, the Incarnate

11th November, 2019 (RR)

Made by KaptainHank

GrayWolf 1 year ago
What do you mean "permanent Reborn"? Like you can't die? I mean it is very difficult to get it but I can't help it bothering me a little.
IcyFoe88 1 year ago
Just checking, Zerek, master cloner's flavor text is a reference to the yugioh anime, right?
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
@KaptainHank Did you ask @Nikko to attach your name to the original card? I mean, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things that you remade this, but the site owner has done it for people in the past.
KaptainHank (creator)1 year ago
If you're wondering why you're seeing this again, its because when I posted this card a while back I wasn't signed in. Additionally, I didn't make any changes simply because I liked it how it is and I figured I would post it again so it's actually in my gallery.
King Kuba (4)1 year ago
King Kuba (4)1 year ago
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
"The first one was called Aerek, then Berek. They started to go evil somwhere around Merek."
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Better add this to my favorites - Again.
Cooler39140 1 year ago
It helps to credit his name when people use Aerek for their custom decks. I think that's a fine move.
LiteBlueJay 1 year ago
I mean, love the card and all, but why post it again with no changes? Just wanted the card under your name?
Icickle 1 year ago
Well now I know my ABCs