Black Note - Custom Hearthstone Card

Black Note

23rd July, 2021 (RR)

Made by Poondaedalin

Caesar (4)2 months ago
Outplayed by Coerce... :chicken:
DustenStein (4.1)2 months ago
This destroys the minion at the END of the turn which is bad for Rogue because they'd still have to play around it if it has Taunt or something. End of YOUR turn btw
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)2 months ago
Worse Corruption? This is totally uncomparable to Corruption. Worse Deadly Shot? This is clearly better than Deadly Shot, because this can be targeted.
ADankHeadHunter 2 months ago
I can't imagine i'm about to say this but this is a strictly worst version of Corruption. And Corrupting Mist, which was basically an aoe version of Corruption was 2 mana. The flavor is funny but in actual card talk this is laughable
Poondaedalin (4) (creator)2 months ago
I wouldn't necessarily call it worse. Against big boards, you're correct, but even then, if you're given the choice between one of three mediocre options, you can at least pick the least mediocre of the bunch. Against boards of 4 or 5 minions, you have a very good chance of killing the minion that you want, and it's guaranteed for boards with 3 or less minions.
Kapiork 2 months ago
Pretty much a worse Deadly Shot, and Deadly Shot hasn't been played in a long time. The flavor is good though.
FriendlyShadow (4.1)2 months ago
:qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW:
Name: King Mukla
Cause of Death: Banana overdose
Poondaedalin (4) (creator)2 months ago
"Name: Stormwind Knight
Cause of Death: Polymorphed into a Sheep, then killed by a Fire Blast. Tragically."