Unidentified Bird - Custom Hearthstone Card

Unidentified Bird

22nd April, 2019 (RR)

Made by Wiener_Schnitzel ()

Wiener_Schnitzel (creator)2 years ago
@TheFriendlyEnemy I will be honest, I didn't consider unusual situations like these when making it. In cases like these, the bird will just remain unidentified, since my idea was for the player to be in control of what it becomes.
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)2 years ago
What’s the bird for when Scroll of Wonders casts a Forbidden spell? You didn’t *play* anything (doesn’t trigger Lorewalker Cho) but you spent mana.
Matz 2 years ago
Secrets are spells.
Xsenon21 2 years ago
Where is secret bird ?!?
Matz 2 years ago
I feel like it would be better as :
"Add a random spell that costs (2) or less to your hand."
That way if you don't have a (2) cost spell in your hand, you still get something.
Wiener_Schnitzel (creator)2 years ago
@Randomizer I wanted the card to have an effect related to magpies' trinket hoarding tendencies.

Copying a spell felt flavorful like that, but at the same time I couldn't really imagine a magpie snatching a Flamestrike or another big spell, so I limited it to cheaper spells.

I felt it would be too good if it copied anything that costs 2 or less, so I limited it to just 2.
iceycle2 2 years ago
"copy a 2-cost mage spell if your hero is a rogue with 17 health"
Randomizer (3.6)2 years ago
Why is Crested Magpie so specific?
RocketRandy 2 years ago
fuck yeah
Wiener_Schnitzel (creator)2 years ago
"The mana was spent on better binoculars"