Dreaming Whale - Custom Hearthstone Card

Dreaming Whale

27th September, 2018 (TBP)

Nibroc 3 years ago
@gdw true, I should have explained myself a little. I think it's balanced because I believe it to be of a similar power level to that of Primordial Drake, as it's a 4/8 body with Taunt and a Tribal tag while also carrying an additional effect for the same Mana Cost. Primordial Drake wipes a board (good for control and good against aggro), while this builds a board, (also good in both cases). I feel like Primordial Drake is a perfect card in HS so I think this one would be too. I also like it because it seems to be pretty class specific, but might actually find a home in a lot of classes upon further playtesting. Maybe you run it in Paladin or Shaman for the Hero Power combo on turn 10. Maybe you run it in Hunter with some Snow Flipper Penguins and whatever beast synergies they still have :p Maybe you just run in some sort of board controlly deck (like Zoo but more midrangey) and trade in minions with high Health to then combo with this on a later turn; (a multi-turn combo). Lots of fun possibilities but nothing too insane. Plus the art is just fantastic :) So there, like I said before, simple, balanced, awesome. 5/5 :p
petebar (4.1)3 years ago
Good in Even Paladin
JMAP94 3 years ago
@Orinoco *if you have penguin in your hand

You also realize that's two cards as well though. Its less powerful then twin emperor then.
Orinoco 3 years ago
If it only transformed an enemy minion maybe. Currently its 8 mana for two 4/8 taunts if you have penguin in your hand
gdw 3 years ago
how is it balanced?:))
Nibroc 3 years ago
Simple. Balanced. Awesome. 5/5.