Freeze Shaman Revival - Custom Hearthstone Card

Freeze Shaman Revival

11th September, 2019 (RR)

Made by SnowWolf

Goochini 5 months ago
@Gokee I’m just stupid and accidentally added a card to the comment that I can’t remove so now I just need to deal with it
Gokee 5 months ago
@Goochini Why do people keep leaving cards like that in their comments? They seem really unrelated, am I missing something?
Dane 5 months ago
Honestly Shaman being a villain class in the newest expansions really killed any viability of freeze being a good archetype, since what they really need is good twinspell freezing cards, since it's such a waste of value to spend a card on one of your above average cards just to make it work, it ends up being only above mediocre for tempo, and awful for card advantage
Stevethebarbarian (3.9)5 months ago
Brain Freeze is especially dumb. You get to freeze your own guy in exchange for a 1 mana discount on Embalming Ritual, but then it also Overloads you for some reason? Why??
Goochini 5 months ago
Sadly this continues a trend among the freeze shaman cards, that being they’re either too expensive, or just too bad to see play. The only card in here that would see play is sindragosa which is only because it’s hilariously undercosted. Not to rip on your idea, it’s a solid concept, it could just be executed better I feel