Imp Mother Fecunda - Custom Hearthstone Card

Imp Mother Fecunda

28th March, 2019 (RR)

Kovachut 2 years ago
@ Kapiork

You are totally right. As you can imagine, I was just looking at the demons with the word "Imp" in them.

@ teknician
Is this supposed to be a reference to something, I'm not aware of?
teknician 2 years ago
p a r a s i t i c
Kapiork 2 years ago
You forgot to mention Street Trickster and Sneaky Devil, which also are imps.
Kovachut 2 years ago
You have a point there, but unlike shamen warlocks can draw a lot of cards with their HP and "Sense Demons" can help you fetch Fecunda.
Loki 2 years ago
Yeah, you might be right. I like idea of early game cards which become stronger in late. Its pretty elegant imo, even tho its often doesn't work. For some reason I didn't perceive it that way at first. But I guess it might be it

But I don't know. Still I doubt it would be good enough to create Imp archetype on its own right now. Its similar to Keleseth, Mistcaller and Liam. They kinda strong on paper, but if you didn't draw it exactly when you need it, it makes it either dead card for 5-8 turns if you draw it too early (so you dont want to keep it in mulligan, which is also problem) or useless if you draw it too late.
So I kinda like it, but HS reality is a bit cruel to fun and interesting cards
Kovachut 2 years ago
Also, in wild Imp gang boss would be a 4/6, that summons a 3/3 every time it gets damaged. Isn't this impressive?

Inb4 I forgot to stress on the fact that Fecunda makes your deck more competitive in the late game. In the early game your minions are weak, but the opponent may not have a good way to deal with them. You can be quite aggressive with stuff like Knife Juggler, Grim Rally, Dire Wolf Alfa and Defender of Argus and pressure the enemy a lot. If they do find a way to survive and you feel like falling behind tempo, you can use Fecunda to boost your early game and allow you to keep fighting.
Kovachut 2 years ago
@ Loki

1) I know. I purposely didn't mention it, because I thought it was obvious. "Sense demons" is a spell and my first post was about imps being generated from spells.

There is also that Imp Master, which I didn't want to include, because she's weak but I suppose she's still an example.

2) Regarding your comment on making this cheaper - I disagree. 1 mana 5/4 Flame imp is really scary, Rafaam's scheme summoning 4-7 3/3s is such as well. If Fecunda cost 4 or 5, then she would have been pretty busted with the current effect. The only way to balance her in that case would by reducing the buff to +1/+1, but I wanted to make the imps fat.
Loki 2 years ago
Im almost sure there also "Useless Imp" that you can get through that 3-mana draw demons spell. Also I would suggest make it cheaper, like 4-5 mana. Coz its kinda useless effect after 8-turn in imp heavy deck. But of course for this huge fat character it would be weird to be 1/1 or 2/2
EchoOoze 2 years ago
i love the idea of an imp archetype for warlocks. but ye, people make imp-buffing cards fairly regularly. doesn't mean I don't like it tho :]
Kovachut 2 years ago
Dunno if people made similar cards before, but I created Fecunda with the intention to buff the RoS zoolock, which might be centered around imps.

The demons, which will get buffed by this legendary, are the following ones:
- Imps generated through spells;
- Imp Gang Boss;
- Blood Imp;
- Flame Imp;
- Malchezaar's Imp;
- Witchwood Imp;
- Doubling Imp.