Lord Godfrey - Custom Hearthstone Card

Lord Godfrey

2nd November, 2016 (KARA)

Made by HustinJay

Turba 8 months ago
@Sofalax I actually agree with you. The concept here is similar but effects and texts are very diffrent.
Loojee 8 months ago
Blizzard stole your card
DatBoi 8 months ago
@Kapiork The ribcage, it's covered in cloth in HS art.
Kapiork 9 months ago
@LordFarthington What do you mean "uncensored"?
LordFarthington 9 months ago
Ahhhh.... Godfrey looks so much better as a Rogue card with uncensored and centred art.
What was Blizzard thinking with the visual design of their Godfrey?
Anonymous318 11 months ago
@Sofalax I disagree. Also, I was being tongue in cheek. Coincidences exist.
Sofalax 11 months ago
But... This didn't predict it?
They're very different, lmao.
Anonymous318 11 months ago
Either someone at Blizzard reads Hearthcards or cardmakers are really good at predicting future card design.
aesir 11 months ago
this predict it
jadeOP 11 months ago
lol yes, but warlock. Almost perfect predcition
starbond 11 months ago
They made this !
jadeOP 1 year ago
wow, very cool