Double Strike - Custom Hearthstone Card

Double Strike

15th March, 2019 (RR)

Made by PoodleFez ()

PoodleFez (3.7) (creator)2 months ago
Thanks for the upvotes :P Also apologies for making a Twinspell for a villain class, this would be mage if it was actually printed (and I'm sure mage will get something similar)
keyvnn9 (4)2 months ago
@icecycle2 How can this be better if it doesn’t use Razorpetals?? :razorpetal:
iceycle2 2 months ago
better razorpetal volley 5/5
Auron2000 2 months ago
malygos rogue will die when this card will be added to hearthstone, so its fine to me
k1ll3rm0mJr (3.9)2 months ago
Could probably be printed, but I hate it. Cus Malygos.
Czarnawoda 2 months ago
Ahhhhh... Malygos Rogue
PoodleFez (3.7) (creator)2 months ago
Just nice and simple.