The Light of Uldum - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Light of Uldum

11th July, 2019 (RR)

Made by Cosmic14

Cosmic14 (3.9) (creator)3 months ago
@Gothe If it don't have 5/1 stats, it's not a rager.
Gothe (4.1)3 months ago
This has no baring on the card, but i wish this was a Rager. Not in stats (because that would be way WAY too strong, but in name at least.
Anyways, seems like a fun card.
Cosmic14 (3.9) (creator)3 months ago
Petitioned to join the Elementals, but Ragnaros is too lazy to head all the way to Uldum to officialize it.
King Kuba (4.1)3 months ago
So for 5 Mana you make a 4-Cost play (trade 4, heal 4), Echo is like 0,5 mana worth + strong Divine Shield synergies and buffs, I thing this is a really powerful and pretty balanced card.
Cosmic14 (3.9) (creator)3 months ago
Yeah, the Windfury was to try and make it work with Divine Shield. I tried to include as many expansion keywords originally, but that would be broken on so many levels (Reborn with magnetic, Joust and Spare parts would be too long, ed cetra).

With this it's a 10 mana (Insert card that costs 6, is for paladin and deals 8 damage randomly split) *that card*, but with lifesteal.

Although, because you could just play this for 5 on turn 10 and have 5 mana left over to buff it, it becomes a 5/5 (blessing of kings) with Rush, Reborn, edcetra. But i don't think Reborn effects carry over enchantments and you kinda just spent your turn 9-10 playing two cards.

I think that's fine.. (famous last words)
sunbird1002 (3.9)3 months ago
Let's just agree that's its p minor anyhow, that I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, and that as a newbie to the game, it doesn't really matter
sunbird1002 (3.9)3 months ago
Yes, but there haven't been any class cards other than shaman to have Windfury. If this gets pivoted, them sure, I'll look at balance far more than this extremely minor bit of design.
Pokeniner 3 months ago
@sunbird1002 'cough' Choose One 'cough'
sunbird1002 (3.9)3 months ago
Also, Windfury is most certainly a shaman thing. It's the only class to get cards with windfury. Neutral cards have every single mechanic basically. It isn't the first minion to assume Windfury is an all class thing, so I probably will let it slide.
Shoemanband (4.1)3 months ago
Shouldn't this be an elemental?
Cosmic14 (3.9) (creator)3 months ago
Upped the cost, Removed the Taunt and Tweaked the text to be clearer (if that's possible) to read.

Yeah, 10 Mana 8 damage heal 8 is a thing now. BUT only to minions and it IS only a 1/1.

(Also, Windfury... NOT just a shaman thing. Windfury Harpy. Nuff said).