Hydrantron - Custom Hearthstone Card


2nd December, 2019 (RR)

TheFriendlyEnemy (4.1)6 months ago
Pretty nice Dungeon Run card!
keyvnn9 (4)7 months ago
3 mana 2/5 heal 5 is pretty good. Not incredible, just a pretty good card power wise.
Kapiork 7 months ago
If this was neutral or Priest, I could see this with old Priest quest, but right now I don't get how it's usefull. It's a worse "3 mana 2/3 Battlecry: Restore 5 health to your hero". Unless there's something in Descent of Dragons I've missed, since I'm not up-to-date.
Gonzy89 7 months ago
Interesting, I like it except for the fact that you need to have 25 health, perhaps changing the mana cost and making it more powerful might work