Nurturing Whelp - Custom Hearthstone Card

Nurturing Whelp

3rd July, 2019 (RR)

Made by Cosmic14

Cosmic14 (4) (creator)2 years ago
Yeah, forgot malygoose was a thing. I was more thinking to combo this with Ysera or a Taunt dragon. Or even this + Brewmaster to gain an extra Deathwing.
Cooler39140 2 years ago
That's what I immiediately thought of when I saw this card. It's basically Barnes, but has weaker stats for the cost of more specified choice.

Maybe even Malygos Paladin could come out of this, but it would require you to not draw Maly until you get your combo pieces, and even then Paladin has little face damage cards (but it might have some on this site :D).