Chronomancer Inara - Custom Hearthstone Card

Chronomancer Inara

12th January, 2020 (RR)

Made by Mux85 ()

Mux85 (creator)1 year ago
EDIT: Actually, no reason to switch back should just mean make the hero power nonrepeatable, but you want to upgrade both boards each turn regardless of which one you'll use, so it makes more sense to balance the hero power by increasing its cost instead. Should have explained better. My apologies :P
Mux85 (creator)1 year ago
Wow, first card to get past the gallery queue, nice :D

You guys are completely right about the issue of passing all minions bought on one board to the other, hadn't thought of it. At first I had the idea that the tavern upgrades would be shared, but it was obvious it was akin to having double the gold. I guess cards in hand can't be shared either.

My concept for this hero is exactly what Quantum said - have two different boards, adapt by switching when appropiate. I also took into account it would be like having 9 players, but with no extra minions in the pool, so you'd need to really watch out what people are drafting. Worst case scenario one of your boards just doesn't work and you stick to the other, but then it's like you have no hero power at all.

Shared hand was my only reason to keep the hero power's cost at 0 because you'd need to switch often, but if they're separate heroes in literally everything, you shouldn't have any reason to switch back once you're done with the first hero, so the cost could be increased to 1 or 2.

I'd really love this concept to work somehow anyway, it's high apm and plenty of decision making, exactly why Dancin' Deryl is my favourite hero.
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 year ago
Good luck taking two power turns in 40 seconds.
Quantum 1 year ago
Even if, still very strong. You can have one build aimed at later game - tiering up a lot, etc, while having other one be really aggresive, allowing you to survive. Maybe also make Hero Power cost (1)? It would mean that switching would be equal to losing tempo, making it more fair. Although unsure if that would be enough.
Poondaedalin (4)1 year ago
@Quantum What if the hands were seperate as well? Then, you could use the Hero Power to mitigate bad RNG and essentially create two seperate boards that you could swap between depending on your next opponent. Every deck has good and bad matchups, and having the ability to adapt to bad matchups (like swapping away from Murlocs against Karl, or swapping away from a Divine Shield build against Nefarian) could be very powerful without pushing it too far.
Deloa 1 year ago
I also understand it that way. Of you have two separate Gold pool but one shared hand, you basically have twice as much gold.
Quantum 1 year ago
Wait so you could just buy 2 minions on turn 1? Doesn't that just mean that you can get twice as much gold per turn? Like just buy minions with one and do all the actual Board stuff with another? Isn't that just absolutely op? Am i misunderstanding?
Mux85 (creator)1 year ago
This hero is essentially two at the same time. You have two separate taverns (which have to be upgraded separately), two separate battlefields and two separate gold pools, and you switch between them with your hero power. You basically build two boards at the same time, and whichever is active when the time ends is the one you fight with.

Both heroes refresh and upgrade their gold pools at the same time, and "end of turn" effects trigger on both boards (for example, a Lightfang Enforcer on your inactive board would still trigger).

Both heroes share the same hand. For example, you can buy minions from one tavern to play them on the other tavern's board, you can have one Inara buy the minion the other Inara needs to complete a triple, or you can complete a triple on one board and play the resulting minion on the other.

For balance reasons, your hero's health would also be shared.