King Terenas Menethil - Custom Hearthstone Card

King Terenas Menethil

16th May, 2018 (WW)

Made by TheArcanist

Rock Hawk 7 months ago
Kapiork 8 months ago
With Galvadon it would be "Adapt a friendly minion 5 times". But yeah, Amara would be OP, no matter if it targeted you hero or your minions.
Omikamiz 8 months ago
What gonna happened if you steal this as a priest and play Amara?

Hero power : Set your hero to 40 hp every turn?

And don't forget that Galvadon or quest reward are all legendary. How about hero power : Adapt your hero 5 time. EACH TURN.

It will be really funny to play with.
TheArcanist (4) (creator)8 months ago
But this combo requires proper setup; moreover, Lynessa decks are not viable enough to be ued on ladder and maybe this could change this a bit.
toothlessmon 8 months ago
thats why this isn't a neutral... but lynessa heropower seems quite op, casting 2 divine steeds and howsoever many ring the bells and other spells cast is insane!
TheArcanist (4) (creator)8 months ago
Also, imagine playing this into Mal'Ganis...
TheArcanist (4) (creator)8 months ago
Things to make this more sure for you:
1) Battlecries which target the minion themselves would turn into Hero Powers targeted on your minions:
- Lynessa Sunsorrow: (7) mana 'Hero Power: Cast all spells you cast on friendly minions this game on a friendly minion.'
2) I don't really know what to do with Inspire; since there are only two Legendaries that have Inspire and don't have any other text, I think the HP would remain the same and trigger the Inspire each time it is used;
3) Effects which are only keywords would also turn into Passive Hero Powers like:
- Wickerflame Burnbristle: 'Passive Hero Power: Your Hero has Taunt and Lifesteal'
- Charge, Divine Shield, Rush or Echo won't do anything;
4) @KiruChan: Saronite Chain Gang won't trigger since it is not triggered by a minion and Reno would work just like this.
I am the Senate not 8 months ago
include inspire to the hero power.
KiruChan 8 months ago
So. Say you're playing a Rogue and you Face Collector into this and Shudderwock. You play this, then you play Shudderwock. Your hero power now repeats all Battlecries. But what if you played a Saronite Chain Gang beforehand? What will it summon, if anything?

Additonally, with Reno, do you just become Lord Marrowgar, but capped at 4 mana?
Drewski 8 months ago
keyvnn9 (3.9)8 months ago
Toothless, I'd imagine it would be to a random friendly minion, and in that case you still have to play a Lynessa meme deck.
toothlessmon 8 months ago
easy lynessa buff max health and gain permanent attack...
keyvnn9 (3.9)8 months ago
Does Shifter Zerus change its hero power to a random minion's every turn? Also, would Leeroy just be 6 mana summon 2 1/1 whelps for your opponent?
Really cool card, the memes are SO strong!
TheArcanist (4) (creator)8 months ago