Heigan, Pestilent Janitor - Custom Hearthstone Card

Heigan, Pestilent Janitor

26th February, 2021 (RR)

Made by Poondaedalin

Poondaedalin (4) (creator)7 months ago
@Caesar So, funny story about that. The original 4 cards from Secret Passage don't count, but when it returns your old hand, THAT counts for some reason. (Source: the Lobstrok card from Duels)
Turba 7 months ago
The Zombeast synergy is just... :boomS:
Caesar (4)7 months ago
Big rogue incoming, this into passage
(assuming that add also counts for draw)
Randomizer (3.6)7 months ago
This is absolutely op with discovery effects, this with any Study card can highroll into something insane on Turn 6
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
Well, I think that's the point. Play this with Necromancy or whatever and you have 2 minions for 5 mana
MakotoTheHunter (3.8)7 months ago
OP with discover effects