Burning Imp - Custom Hearthstone Card

Burning Imp

13th June, 2018 (WW)

Made by Honeyfee

crazyjackel 1 year ago
anyone that says this is op, just remember this would never be played in cubelock as it by itself has a chance to ruin your key strategy by removing key cards. It would see play in zoo with kobold librarian, but it would force the deck to have to be more aggressive and take up more board control oriented slots, meaning the deck can be easily countered by midrange, but would rek control.
Matz 1 year ago
It's OP because Kobold Librarian is already OP, and the last thing that aggro warlocks need is the ability to have 4 Kobold Librarians in their deck.
Huskey 1 year ago
How is this op?
raven76 1 year ago
should be 1/1
Shoemanband (3.9)1 year ago
OP. Discarding the top card of your deck is not a real drawback, especially in a deck like zoo.
CarlL 1 year ago