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Ender 5 hours ago
Look I have Loved Murlocs because their my go to. I just think they look cools and play hearthstone so I have a lot of ideas
keyvnn9 (3.8)8 hours ago
@Nikko This might be a weird suggestion, but would it be possible for the speech bubble in the queue not to show up next to your cards if the only comments have been your own? I just think that would make it easier to tell if a card has feedback or not, instead of just triggering from your own “Thoughts?” that you type there, or an explanation of a confusing mechanic. Not a big problem, just a possible change. Thanks!
Erasai (3.8)1 day ago
@MosnarNeodig that didn't work. I also check on multiple devices.
Madam Black 1 day ago
I tried to make a card called Bibi, the Lost, but I couldn't find it anywhere
MosnarNoedig (3.7)2 days ago
@Erasai Reload the page.
Erasai (3.8)2 days ago
I made a card with 8 tokens. When click on the card they show up, but it says it only has 6 tokens.
Nikko 2 days ago
7 card are currently in the queue, can i see an example of a card that 'just dissapeared'?
Madam Black 3 days ago
I keep trying to make cards but some of them just dissapear, there not even in the void...
DestroyerR (3.9)3 days ago
@Gothe I don’t know exactly. I usually go to YouTube or another game to distract myself until it goes back to normal, so I can’t say for sure lol

But this doesn’t happen on my phone, only my tablet. So it may be a problem with the tablet instead
Gothe (3.9)3 days ago
I haven't experienced that problem yet. How long's this 'cool down' period?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 days ago
DestroyerR (3.9)3 days ago
Reposting this for attention, because it’s getting REA annoying to have a cooldown after every card I make: after I make any card, when I tap ‘choose file’ to enter the art again, it just says ‘no photos or videos’ and stays like that for a while. Anyone else has this problem?
Gothe (3.9)4 days ago
Ehm i don't think it should be that way. If you're looking at it as "the more cards you have, the higher rating" or something to correlate that and a higher rating, then that would just influence people to get as many cards into gallery, independent of how good they actually are.
If it's the opposite, then i'd argue it'd stunt creature. Yes, that would mean that people would probably take way more time refining cards, but i feel like that takes away from the fun and creativeness of this website. I think only taking the top 4 cards is a good basis for star rating, because it allows us to look at the best of the person, instead of looking at everything, including their worst.
But hey, that might just be me. Feel free to disagree with me and sorry for this way overly long comment. Have a good day all.
Erasai (3.8)4 days ago
And MrGruyère has 19.
Erasai (3.8)4 days ago
Oops. I actually have 61 cards in the gallery.
Erasai (3.8)4 days ago
@Nikko I think number of cards should matter as well. For instance I have 59 cards in the gallery and MrGruyère only has 18 cards in the gallery. I think both number of cards and the rating of the cards should matter.
DestroyerR (3.9)5 days ago
1. Is there any way to know which users tagged a card as favorite?

2. we REALLY should have a 'delete comment' option...

3. is that minigame coming back?
keyvnn9 (3.8)5 days ago
@Nikko On an unrelated note, I’m trying to make a card that alters a basic hero power, but I can’t add the new hero power as a token because it’s in game. Is there a workaround or should I just not include it?
keyvnn9 (3.8)6 days ago
Oh it’s back. Thank you
keyvnn9 (3.8)6 days ago
@Gothe @Nikko I haven’t made any more cards that got into the gallery since said 3.9, and after making that my average was 3.8. Unless it counts cards that didn’t get in the gallery, or that cards that were recent have more weight, I don’t see how this would happen.
Nikko 6 days ago
4 top cards made in last 4 months are the settings atm.
Gothe (3.9)6 days ago
@keyvnn9 it takes the average star ratting of your most recent highest rated cards within the last 3 months. If you make one card that's, for example, a 3.9, but your highest 4 highest rated cards are, for example, 3.4, then your average rating will be way way too low.
I dunno if this is what you'r looking for in terms of an answer, but here u go.
keyvnn9 (3.8)6 days ago
@Nikko I noticed that my star rating disappeared today, and I could no longer promote cards. My most recent highly rated card was last month, and I thought that the terms for user ratings were based on the last 3 months of their cards. I have been making handfuls of cards occasionally, its just that none have gotten in, so I’m not entirely inactive on that scene. If I lost the rating due to being inactive, that’s fine, but I just thought that I had a few months left before I was required to get more cards into the gallery. Thanks for your time.
DestroyerR (3.9)6 days ago
I seem to have a problem: sometimes when I tap the ‘choose file’ to enter the art, it just says ‘no photos or videos’ and stays like that for a while. Anyone else has this problem?
LordeKrull13 1 week ago
Please, a easier way to navigate until the last page!
MrAipo (3.8)1 week ago
How can I make a new Eblem?
Thimzter (3.8)1 week ago
Can we bring back the art coming out of the card, i think that looks so sick
Madam Black 1 week ago
No, I mean I might make them in seperate parts that are decided by the classes eg. a group of cards that are for rogue all together
Shoemanband 1 week ago
Also, the class creator section supports expansion content, but it's not connected to the main gallery.
Madam Black 1 week ago
I might make them in classes
Shoemanband 1 week ago
But honestly, don't try to make an entire 180 card expansion expecting it to make it into the main gallery. People here usually like judging cards one at a time, sometimes in small batches, and they don't usually have the time to evaluate an entire expansion's worth of cards. Generate the cards one at a time here, save them on some image hosting site and upload it onto r/customhearthstone or the custom card forums in Hearthpwn, where people are more likely to actually look at all of it.
Shoemanband 1 week ago
The gallery queue link should be right next to the regular gallery. It has a Murloc Tinyfin on it.
Madam Black 1 week ago
@Shoemanband I don't seem to be able to see my cards in the Ugallery so I'm not sure whether they are going into the ugallery at all, they're not in void either
Shoemanband 1 week ago
You can also remove cards or add any cards you've previously made to your card sets in the gallery queue.
Shoemanband 1 week ago
@Madam Black You can open up another tab with the gallery queue and view your cards there. It should update if your refresh the page with your card in there.
Madam Black 1 week ago
When midway through making multiple cards together is there a way to view old ones?
Gothe (3.9)1 week ago
@Madam Black oh, then idk man. sorry to hear that.
Erasai (3.8)1 week ago
@Auron2000 I made a brawl recently, but it did't get to the gallery.
Madam Black 1 week ago
I was trying to upload them all but I messed one up and then all of them disappeared...
Gothe (3.9)1 week ago
@Madam Black the time it would take to upload 18 cards is: The time it takes for you make/import those cards and upload the. I don't really know what you're asking. If you already have all the cards pre-made and are just going to import them, maybe a couple of hours or so? If you're going to come up with all the ideas, cards, stats, mana cost, and make them all during it, then it could take the upwards of an entire afternoon to a day i guess.
Nikko 1 week ago
Mabe everyone made what they wanted to make and now out of ideas :thinking:
Auron2000 1 week ago
why everyone stopped making brawls? they were so fun :c
Madam Black 1 week ago
And how long would it take to upload like 180 cards at once
Madam Black 2 weeks ago
Is there a way to make new tribes
Nydo 2 weeks ago
@Nikko hows your day been going chap?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 weeks ago
@Kapiork if you include a keyword explanation, it won’t
Kapiork 2 weeks ago
If I add a keyword from the "Keywords" gallery to my card, will it get auto-voided for using custom keywords?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 weeks ago
How about an option to delete comments?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 weeks ago
@Anonymous318 @Nikko shut it down, it was only testing for a limited period of time
Anonymous318 (3.9)2 weeks ago
How do you access this said minigame?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 weeks ago
All fixed, thanks @Nikko!
Nikko 2 weeks ago
But it doubt I'll put a lot of effort into it. It's just a mini secret.
Nikko 2 weeks ago
I think adding manual trigger for playing the sound should fix it.
DestroyerR (3.9)2 weeks ago
The new minigame is awesome! Shame I can’t hear the entrances though :\ maybe make it so the entrance sound is written?
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)3 weeks ago
@Nikko Hey, just noticed this weird bug: Importing Glacial Shard gives it Frozen Crusher's art, and vice versa. Amazing site, as usual!
erumi321 3 weeks ago
@Nikko You are appreciated. Thanks for making this site. It is well run and I love using it.
Nikko 3 weeks ago
DestroyerR (3.9)3 weeks ago
Also, what happened to the stars beside the names? And the promote option?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 weeks ago
@Nikko why did all of the top rated card makers chamge all of a sudden?!
Rino (3.8)3 weeks ago
@Nikko Just wondering if its me or the ranks of people not showing up? Also in the gallery the top rated card makers "Gems" appear to be empty. I would assume this is a server side error.
Nikko 3 weeks ago
* type:minion type:spell type:weapon
Nikko 3 weeks ago
@keyvnn9, done.
@Sqentontheslime, 'minion', 'spell', 'weapon' are now searchable terms. Might redo how it works in the future to also allow searching for something specific in those.
Sqentontheslime 3 weeks ago
I would appreciate a way to look at all cards of a specific type, take for example, weapons, if you attempt to search weapons up you just get cards that affect weapons rather than weapons themselves.
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 weeks ago
If you could, just to see their comments*
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 weeks ago
I would like if if you could just to see it, if just to see their comments.
Nikko 3 weeks ago
They don't have cards.
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 weeks ago
@Nikko How come some user’s names can’t be clicked on to go to their cards/comments/favorites section?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 weeks ago
@Nikko I dunno. Just wondered if there was, I guess
Nikko 3 weeks ago
no, why would you want to see 100+ names?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 weeks ago
@petebar just search ‘promote history hearthcards’ on google. I want to know if there’s a way of seeing a list of who rated what on your card
petebar (4)3 weeks ago
@DestroyR 2 weeks ago we were able to see who promoted cards. Now i think it is removed.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 weeks ago
Is there any way of seeing who voted on your cards?
Gothe (3.9)3 weeks ago
@Nikko would you ever consider implementing a way to turn/rotate the image when creating a card?
HAHA1n 4 weeks ago
Nikko, could you add a way to go to x page of the gallery (on the recent page)? This site has so many cards and it can be fun to browse but I have been following this site long enough that I would have to click many times every time I wanted to view older cards.
Gothe (3.9)4 weeks ago
Thanks @Nikko, that was the problem (same name and same exact stats). it's nice that we can always depend on you for answers. thanks for being such a good manager of your site.
Nikko 4 weeks ago
The way it doesn't allow game cards into the queue is by checking if a card with the same name and stats exists in the game. So either change a name or stats, because 2/1/3 Moira already exists in the game. I'd add yours manually, but it has a typo.
Gothe (3.9)4 weeks ago
@Schlauchneid yes, i put the exact same card text another card and changed the name, and it was able to enter the Que with no issues.
Schlauchneid (3.9)4 weeks ago
@Gothe Maybe there is something wrong in your card text. Did you Check the card?
Gothe (3.9)4 weeks ago
hey @Nikko so whenever i try to make a card called Moira Bronzebeard, the card doesn't show up in the Que. I check the void and it doesn't show up either. I've tested this multiple times. Any idea what's happening? Or am i just doing something wrong?
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
Nikko 1 month ago
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
@Nikko how can I otherwise access the list of who promoted what? Or is that gone too?
Nikko 1 month ago
it's gone
yo ucan delete permanent cards from http://hearthcards.net/mycards2/
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
Can’t someone tell me where did the (what is a promote?) message go?
Dytek 1 month ago
Why my cards despawn, how i could do that...
And how delete the cards who have a "permanent link". It's very important for me...
Flash33 1 month ago
Suggestion: Allow us to preview the cards we create before we upload them, or at the very least let us go back and edit them after hitting create. Just some quality of life improvements that I think could make the card creation process much smoother and easier to deal with.
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
@Nikko jumping on @THWeaver’s request, can you do the same with my card “Arcanagos”? Thanks
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
Suggestion: I think it'd be interesting to be able to see how many people have voted on your gallery accepted cards. It could be displayed as a subtitle or in parentheses next to the title, just as data for the creator.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
Thanks for the quick action!
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko Is there any way to add an old card that I made before I had an account to my account now? It got into the gallery, and -- if possible -- I'd like to have it on my record. The card is called "Tree of Possibilities."
Madam Black 1 month ago
I'm trying to put a heap of cards together (Like 120) does anyone now how to put them all up quickly
HAHA1n 1 month ago
Nikko 1 month ago
Leave Attack and Health fields empty, it won't show in preview, but non-custom classes can be permanents.
HAHA1n 1 month ago
Does anyone know how to make a permanent card (like nether portal)?
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
I dunno, Discover (Secretly) sounds weird to me. I'll use that tho. Thanks for responding in such a timely fashion btw.
Nikko 1 month ago
Choose a Deathrattle (Secretly) -
Discover (Secretly)
why shouldn't it be like this?
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
Hey @Nikko this is a suggestion, but can you mike it so that in the card creator, the card text is allowed to start with "(Secretly)"? If you wnat to know why, i created a spell taht has the text "(Secretly) Discover..." and it'd be weird/disjointed to have the "(Secretly)" part after all of the text after the Discover part.
petebar (4)1 month ago
@Honeyfee well if you do have a life, what are you doing here ?
Nikko 1 month ago
I'll check why it's not working properly, thank you for letting me know.
Honeyfee (3.8)1 month ago
Are you really looking to leaderboard to see who is losing point or something? Guys do you have a life?
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
Seems a little strange to have a Top Creator be inactive for one year. Nikko once stated that your rating is based on your best cards from the last 3 months and I dont think this is consistent. Bloodnix should really be removed from the list.
Shoemanband 1 month ago
Because he hasn't made a card since 2017, or at least hasn't got one in the gallery since then. He also has the currently second-highest rated card in the gallery.
Schlauchneid (3.9)1 month ago
btw why doesn't Bloodnix lose points?
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
@keyvnn9 ignore them.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko I'm prety tired of @Honeyfee's unhelpful comments that seem intended to do nothing but offend people. Could you maybe do something to stop them?
Nikko 1 month ago
no moderators, ether a visual bug or automoderator.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@DestroyerR I thought that too. If you hover over the shield icon, it'll say 'moderator' so i guess @Nikko made some people moderators? That's my guess anyways. For those with the (what is promote?) message, id on't think it shows up anymore, but if someone promoted something when that feature first came out, it would say in the cards comment section who promoted it and 'What is Promote' to sorta explain it to people who don't know.
Although i do try and answer any questions i see here with the best of my knowledge of who the site works, the best person to answer these is @Nikko themself.
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
@Gothe I thought @Nikko was the only moderator? Why are there some comments that have the little shield next to them and the (what is promote?) message?
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@DestroyerR The shield thing next to a username means that they're a moderator for this site. And the promote button is only available to those with a high rating.
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
Some questions:
1.What does the shield next to a username mean?
2. Is the promote button available for all users?
kasper376 1 month ago
Before the star button would generate a completely random card. I miss this feature, why was it removed in the first place?
Nikko 1 month ago
too much work and there are only really two options that look distinct enough.
MosnarNoedig (3.7)1 month ago
Perhaps you could implement a hex color select for customgems in cards?
King Kuba (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko, How can I change my expansion hero portrait as a photo? I have a really strange and awkward position of my recent photo and I cannot change it. I've tried sending more portraits, nothing happened.
Nikko 1 month ago
It used to do different things, like trigger Winter Veil show-thingy. It does nothing at the moment. If you want Winter Veil for some reason you can import 7d8b61a0 this cardid.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@keyvnn9 from what i can tell, it just spins. It doesn't do anything to alter anything, just spins one direction when you click on it, then the other direction when you click on it again, and so on.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko (Or anyone else who has an answer) Could you tell me what the star button in the bottom right of the card display window in the card generator does?
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
@Gothe Exactly! I actually suggested the part where you prompt a user BEFORE you actually do it because mistakes happen. @Gothe We are syncing quite nicely lately.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
Hey @Nikko small suggestion, but can you make the Promote buttons not on the cards when scrolling through the gallery, but appear when you click on the cards and can see the comments? Alternatively, when you click the button have a prompt that asks if you want to promote it or not. This would solve the problem of people accidentally Promoting cards they otherwise wouldn't. Or at least, i know i hit the Promote button a few times on cards i wouldn't promote (not that i dislike the cards themselves, i just prefer not to promote anyone)
King Kuba (3.8)1 month ago
Ugh... How can I change my expansion hero backgroud photo?
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
@Gothe I am in favor with you on that one, I hate getting down voted without an explanation. I know you always take the time to point out weaknesses in cards and have done it to mine plenty of times [I appreciate that btw]. I am trying to brainstorm something related to this.
Nikko 1 month ago
We'll see if it keeps happening.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
The thing that bugs me most about people posting what they gave (like 1 star, 2 stars) is that they don't give reasoning. I'm fine if someone dislikes a card and gives them 1 star, but they should at least give some feedback on what they dislike about the card so that the creator can look at it and (if it's valid) let it help them improve their future work.
If u tell someone that something sucks or isn't good, but then don't follow it up with an explanation then it's pointless unless the problem is really THAT obvious.
HAHA1n 1 month ago
I never said he should ban him, just to keep him in mind.
Shoemanband 1 month ago
He's only done it on 12 cards so far, but it is pretty annoying. This feels like the kind of thing you would need a list of rules for it to actually be bannable, though.
HAHA1n 1 month ago
Nikko 'TavernsOfTime' keeps posting how many stars he gave every card. The thing is, he keeps simply saying 1 star or 2 stars on almost ever card and people are asking him to stop.
Schlauchneid (3.9)1 month ago
The 'Promote' function is cool and all but the icon is very big. Is a little annoying while looking at cards in the queue.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Anonymous318 If the card was going to be rated highly, it would get into the gallery on its own anyway. To my understanding, Promoting cards just gets them into the gallery earlier, and doesn’t even necessarily keep them there.
Sofalax 1 month ago
"I'm such a nice guy, I held the door for this nice looking card, I deserve a reward and some recognition, because knowing that I helped this lesser creator isn't enough for my ego."
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
For clarity, such a system would be based on the average rating of Promoted cards, not on quantity, similarly to the Top Creator system.
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
A Top Promoters section would give people credit for precisely what they are doing: finding and promoting cards that might otherwise fall under the radar in Queue. It's why the Promote system exists in the first place.

Why not reward and acknowledge people for using an implemented feature to put better cards in the Gallery?
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Anonymous318 The Top Creators section is based on your work. You shouldn’t get credit for other people working and getting that work published when they get nothing out of it other than their card getting into the gallery earlier.
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
@keyvnn9 We already have a Top Creators section. By your reasoning, isn't that also luck based and thus unfitting?
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
It is very much luck based to have well rated cards. I have seen a card posted 5 times, not getting in any of those times, then getting posted again and being 3.8, with only one 1 stat change throughout the entire process. I don’t think that a “Best promoters” category would be fitting, because it is almost entirely impossible to predict how well a card will do.
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
@Sofalax How, exactly? Just because you promote a card doesn't mean you control its ultimate success. Where is the abuse potential you see?
Sofalax 1 month ago
@Anonymous318 People would definately abuse that.
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
What if there were a system that rewarded people who promote cards that ultimately get high ratings? We could have a section for 'Top Promoters', similar to the top rated creators.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
Except that promotes are only for people who are highly rated already. It's just a different form of empowering Gallery Queue voting.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
I don’t think that the amount of weight your vote has should relate at all to how well your cards are rated. Promotes are one thing, that is another.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
I don't know if ratings are stored as floats or ints internally, but if it's the former, then we can get more accurate weightings for such a system. We'd also want to account for the lowest a person can be rated, which I think is a 3.4. In this way, a 3.8 rated user would have their votes count for (0.38 - 0.34)/(0.4 - 0.34) = 2/3 more than a typical vote. The scale might need some work to feel more impactful, but the idea is nevertheless the same.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
@Rino has a good idea. We could treat "Promotes" like weighted upvotes in the Gallery Queue. The idea is that we'd normalize on the scale of the highest ranked card-maker on the site -- which is a 4, I believe. The idea could then be that your upvote on each card would count for [Your Star Rating]/[Current Highest Star Rating] more, rounded up.
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko How does your Database track votes? If each vote is weighed, what if when a card is permoted by a high card creator, his vote would weigh more instead of instantly moving the card to the Gallery Voting phase? Just to tone it down a little.
Figelop (3.7)1 month ago
Oh thanks Nikko and keyvnn9
Nikko 1 month ago
(it's arbitrary and basically i don't know what to do with set creator)
Nikko 1 month ago
And that it is somewhat properly done.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Figelop I believe that means that the class is related to WoW/HS.
Figelop (3.7)1 month ago
In the class creator, what does the star by some of the classes names mean?
Nikko 1 month ago
br /> this is the only available information
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
Ignore what I just said. Tested it again and there doesn't seem to be a function that does this.
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
One way to skim all promoted cards is to click on the Innkeeper (automod) and view all cards it commented on.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
It looks like that's only a limited set of data, though. There were definitely cards before those listed that were promoted -- for instance, Kel'Thuzad, the Living. I'd also like to be able to see who created the cards that are being promoted.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@THWEAVEr youc an see who's promoting who on the spreadhseet of the Promotions. Just click on 'What is Promotion' and it'll show you.
THWeaver (3.8)1 month ago
It's an interesting idea, but I don't know if it's for the best. I'd be interested to see the data on who was promoted, whether or not those promotions were accepted to the gallery, etc. With that in mind, and if it's been successful in getting community-favored ideas to the gallery, then I think it should stay.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@Everyone if I might chime in here and add my two cents about the Promotion system. I think it should go. While yes, a lot of people like it, including myself, I don't think it's the right move for the que. If you look at the spreadsheet for the Promotions, out of the 30 that are there, 8 of them haven't been booted from the gallery, meaning 22 did. While it's nice giving those with higher ratings executive privileges (jn a way) and beign able to send cards we like straight to the main voting page, I don't think it's helping/ or at least not helping enough. Feel free to disagree with me, i want to open up a discussion about this here.
Honeyfee (3.8)1 month ago
Innkeeper (Automod) 11 hours ago
This card was promoted by Nikko. What is that?
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 month ago
@keyvnn9 He would need to get some cards into the Gallery first.
Figelop (3.7)1 month ago
Yeah, no offence to yall but I think this feature is kinda ruining the whole idea of the gallery queue.
Nikko 1 month ago
Added explanation link to Innkeepers messages.
@keyvnn9, I don't know what will happen with this feature, it might be removed completely in a few days or significantly changed.
Gothe (3.9)1 month ago
@keyvnn9 well it's definitely a possibility that someone can/could/and very well might do that. However, it does say who Promoted the card(s), so it would be fairly obvious what's going on.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
What if egweghl gets this?
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
Will this just encourage people to have an alt, then have all of their cards automatically go into the gallery?
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko Is it possible you can create an Alert after someone clicks Promote? Just so that we can confirm our actions, I feel like I will hit promote by an accident and hate my life to entirety.
MrAipo (3.8)1 month ago
Wow, so am I Rino. It makes queue really better
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko I love it! Now there is a reason to fully commit my time to upvoting awesome ideas!
Nikko 1 month ago
Promote allows some high rated users to move queue cards into main page voting skipping the queue. I don't know if it will be a thing or not.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@MrAipo I’ve seen messages that say you have promoted a few cards. I think it might be a notification for if people upvote a card.
MrAipo (3.8)1 month ago
What is Promote? Who have it?
JMAP94 1 month ago
question, how does the "promotion" thing work? I'm guessing it just allows moderators to put in cards to the gallery that they like?
HAHA1n 1 month ago
Oh, never mind then.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@HAHA1n If youre talking about the +7 next to the card, that means the card has 7 tokens.
HAHA1n 1 month ago
Hey nikko, I made a card called "Reno Jackson the Explorer". It took awhile and got 7 likes, but got put into the void for poor art quality. Could you still take a look at it please?
petebar (4)1 month ago
But @Nikko if you check the expansion "The Great Sea!" there's an image of the sea inside of the portrait and the creater has commented on the expansion (the comment is next to the portrait). Why am i unable to do so ?
Sorry for bothering but this really annoys me. Hope you try to fix it, and thanks
MrGruyère (3.9)1 month ago
Oh and I was thinking about something..
Are you the only person to manage this site or are there any admins ?
I mean, I don't feel like there are and I think it would help you a lot (and help the site too).
They could be very useful by putting stars on the best expansions and classes, upvoting and downvoting cards in the queue gallery, and much more.
That said, I want to tell you that you're doing an amazing job since the last few months and that we're very grateful to you.
I know that not very many people say it and also that you're very busy with this so.. yea.. have a nice day man ! You're our god ahah ^^
Nikko 1 month ago
Add a heroportrait, proper images for expansions can't be added yet.
petebar (4)1 month ago
I meant i can't comment on it. Whenever i click on the black space where you're supposed to put a picture, instead of letting me type something (comment) , it's always a black screen. Hope you understand what i mean and fix it. Thanks
Nikko 1 month ago
What do you mean by "can't type anything about it"
petebar (4)1 month ago
Hi Nikko, why am i unable to select an image for my expansion (not the background)? Also, i can't type anything about it so that people can know what's it about and what keywords it has although other people can select a picture and comment on their expansions.
NOTE: My expansion is private not public. Is it the reason why i can't select an image or comment ? Please answer and try to fix this problem. Appreciate your efforts
Winbow 1 month ago
Hi Nikko, I really love your website!
Can you add an option to delete a comment I've already made? Or at least the creator of the card will be able delete his own comments?
Nikko 1 month ago
Idea is that star = mostly hearthstone compliant. It's arbitrary at the moment.
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)1 month ago
Just asking, what does the star next to a custom class or expansion mean? Thanks.
Rino (3.8)1 month ago
Hello my people, had a concern regarding someone by the name of Prutas, he is spam creating LoL-League of Legends cards in the gallery que non-stop. I am sorry if I sound like a dosh but I feel like its getting annoying that he is infinitely spamming them. I was wondering, if people with high rating of 3.7 or even 3.6 and have been on the site for sometime, have some privilege when flagging cards for correction or misspelling or improper English should have a minimal effect when considering something should be removed or punished? Like if 5-6 people with high rating report a card for improper spelling and such, it would either be moved to void or entirely removed?
DestroyerR (3.9)1 month ago
@Matz yeah,or get downvoted. He said that’s the main reason, anyway
Matz 1 month ago
@Nikko Is there a reason as to why cards in queue sometimes get removed without finishing in void ? Is it because they get too low ratings ?
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 month ago
@Nikko There was a custom tribe I wanted to make, but it has over 140 members according to a website I checked. I have seen TheFriendlyEnemy’s Ethereal tribe, where all of the existing Ethereals are listed, but I don’t think it would be good for me to list 140 cards of my tribe in the comments. Would it be possible for me to refer people to the website where I found the list of cards with that tribe, or should I just give a few examples, or something else? Thank you.
Nikko 1 month ago
Sets no, permanent cards can be deleted from Alt. Mycards.
petebar (4)2 months ago
I also have a question: Is it possible to delete a set i've created? I mean it is empty and private cz i was just trying. And it annoys me every time i see it /|\
petebar (4)2 months ago
OMG i now realized i can open packs that belong to MY OWN EXPANSION and get its cards. Wow that is so clever !!
petebar (4)2 months ago
So happy that now we can create Expansion But...
1) I can't comment on it or put any image in the rectangle.
2) Can i make 2 Keywords in a single Expansion ? If i can pls someone tell me how because i really need to
Nikko 2 months ago
It's not available because it's not done, and I currently don't have time to redo that thing properly. I opened whatever little was functioning of the sets, but it's in even worse state than class creator.
petebar (4)2 months ago
@MrGruyère I know noticed the two options. I feel sad cz we cnt select them :(
MrGruyère (3.9)2 months ago
Just under the classes you already made, there's a space where you can choose the name of your class, and just next to it, there's an option where you can choose between Class, Expansion and Boss but the last two can't be selected, idk why.
Btw you're welcome dude :3
petebar (4)2 months ago
@MrGruyère Could you tell me where i can find it? and ty for the info
MrGruyère (3.9)2 months ago
He already thought about it, there's already an option when you want to create a set for 'expansion' but we can't select it yet, idk why.
petebar (4)2 months ago
I'd love to see people making some custom expansions with 135 cards belonging to all classes and Neutral set, just like how it is possible to create a custom Class.
Nikko 2 months ago
Most people won't be able to make an emblem according to specifications, so no.
MrGruyère (3.9)2 months ago
Hey Nikko !
I know you're very busy but could we import our own 'icons' (emblems behind the card text) ?
petebar (4)2 months ago
What about creating the Quests that give Gold ? For example : "Play a Friend" which gives 80 Gold.
To create such Quests, we write the amount of Gold it gives, and the condition it requires.
petebar (4)2 months ago
There we go, Brawl section now exists. Thanks!
HAHA1n 2 months ago
I agree with petebar, you have a section for keywords and bosscards, why not brawls?
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
I’m interested in knowing how to make the Brawls. I have seen two made by the same person get in, then another that was rated highly get removed from the gallery, and one I made got voided for blank.
petebar (4)2 months ago
Why not make a collection of "Brawl" cards, just like the ones of "Keywords" and "Bosses".
CardBoy.J (3.7)2 months ago
I can't access the set settings in the Class Creator: Hero power covers it up. Nikko, fix this please!
Anonymous318 (3.9)2 months ago
Noticed that Whizbang the Wonderful and Bloodreaver Gul'dan cannot be imported. Tested other Boomsday and Death Knight cards and these two seem to be isolated cases. Can this be fixed?
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
@Nikko Would it be possible for cards that get put into the void without a listed reason to be labeled “Poor quality” so that the card owners know that their card was removed for a specific reason? The blank label can be confusing if you have no idea why the card is voided.

Also, typing comments here is extremely laggy, and my autocorrect is completely broken. Is that just me? I’m on mobile for this, so that could have something to do with it.
Nikko 2 months ago
It's badly made. {{EMBLEM=custom36}} in the cardtext if you really want it.
King Kuba (3.8)2 months ago
Nikko, look at this Emblem. I haven't seen this one before in custom emblems. How to get it? http://www.hearthcards.net/cards/0a533fb2.png
JMAP94 2 months ago
I'm having a similar problem as ubertrainer here. I can't add cards. It just comes up with a blank dark grey scroll window. There's some stuff at the bottom of the window I can see, but it doesn't scroll down all the way to read it.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.8)2 months ago
I can't access the set settings in the Class Creator: Hero power covers it up. Fix this please!
Nikko 2 months ago
@Gosha305, Select Gadgetzan emblem from emblem menu it will prompt you to either choose one of the game tri-classes or make a custom one. You can select any other emblem after.
Gosha305 (3.8)2 months ago
I don't know if this question makes sense here. But, how is it possible to create tri-class cards (like in Gatgetzan : Goons, Kabal, Lotus)?
Anonymous318 (3.9)2 months ago
Thanks, Nikko!
Nikko 2 months ago
@Anonymous318, turned it off and moved your card.
Anonymous318 (3.9)2 months ago
Side note: To match Reckless Experimenter, I also want to make 'Battlecry' bolded. Just to clarify.
Anonymous318 (3.9)2 months ago
Hi Nikko, I want to make a card using the wording 'Battlecry minions you play...', using parallel wording to Reckless Experimenter. The auto-check feature currently flags any card that has Battlecry or Deathrattle without a colon (:) and moves it to Void. Is there or could you implement a workaround to this issue, aside from rewording the card?
Nikko 2 months ago
You can't delete a card from the public gallery, you can only remove your name from it.
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
@Nikko question; so in the tab under our personal account that says 'Gallery Cards" where one can delete or lock cards, i accidentally hit the delete button on a card i didn't want to, that begin Blood Born Colossus, while trying to delete my other card, Blood Born Collosus, will the first one be deleted from gallery if i lock it? Sorry if this is a non-issue.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.8)2 months ago
I can't access the set settings in the Class Creator: Hero power covers it up.
Nikko 2 months ago
Boomsday cards should now be importable.
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
@DesroyerR From what I can tell, the green names are for the people who are rated, I:e, your rating is (3.8), so you have a green name, in opposed to someone that doesn't have a rating.
DestroyerR (3.9)2 months ago
Not a bug or a suggestion, but I was curious: In the gallery queue, some users (including myself) have a green name tag below their cards instead of the normal blue ones. Why is that?
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
@Nikko What about a way to rank the cards in your "favorite" section, so people can see which ones you like the most of the most?
Ruther 2 months ago
Just happened to need a functionality that didn't exist, so I'll leave here as a suggestion: I chose the background option "Minion on Board" and wanted to replace the hero with another one of my choice (the hero in question was Pathmaker Hamm).
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
@TheGronne Cards from before a certain date were rated using a different rating system, so they don't show up for the top of all time.
petebar (4)2 months ago
Oh and a list of beautiful arts :()
petebar (4)2 months ago
Maybe make one list for Legendary weapons, one for Legendart spells ? Just like the list of Boss card and Keywords
Headshotts 2 months ago
Why not make a notification page where if I do "@username", the person in question could see that I notificate him ?

An other idea is that we can follow an user to see whenever he add a card ( We could see this in the notification page that I was talking about before maybe... )

Thx you. :)
DestroyerR (3.9)2 months ago
@TheGronne older cards are rated with a different system, so they don’t count. There’s also a 4.7 old card somewhere
TheGronne 2 months ago
Also found a bug. the "Today, 4 Years Ago" is showing Pickpicket and shows it's rated 4.2, but doesn't show up in Best of All Time. @Nikko
TheGronne 2 months ago
TheGronne 2 months ago
wtf I click Mutations Egg and this pops up
Loki 2 months ago
Also my cards never show up even in queue, neither in void, I cant understand if it a bug or I just not supposed to see my cards? But I saw creators commented their cards. If there a place, where cards go before queue or viod, its not obvious
Loki 2 months ago
Would be nice to have page where you can see all cards you commented. So you can continue conversation without flipping through all new cards to find it
Kakola26 2 months ago
Why when I click mutatious egg this shows up
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
@Nikko you know how you have Ben Brode as the top card on this site, so anyone that sees teh 'best of all time' section wil see him first, Would you every consider allowing us to make a card, that will always be at the top of our personal galleries? To sort of introduce something bout our gallery to something like that?
Headshotts 2 months ago

What about the possibilty of look at the rating of our cards in our gallery, and if you can too, the numbers of votes ?
- To see if we are near of the 3.3 rating in order to pass in the Gallery or we have to make some modifications about the card?
- ..And we could see how many people have voted on our card, because some hours, there are few people so our card don't go in the gallery not because this is too bad but because there are no enough people that voted our card..

I don't know if it's too hard to make this functionnable but i try xD..

Good job for your site, by the way.
Nikko 2 months ago
Average score of 5 best cards made in the last three months if i remember correctly.
JMAP94 2 months ago
JMAP94 2 months ago
Geo does the "top rated card creators" ranking work.

And if you know what s my ranking:)?
Nikko 2 months ago
No to no comments, but possibly 'post anonymously' button and/or ignore user function.
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
okay, thanks
Nikko 2 months ago
Don't see what's the point in doing that since most people use emblems arbitrary. You'd be better off using search for specific expansion keywords to find stuff related to it.
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
@Shoemanband Well I do think it should be implemented.
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
@Nikko I know i already asked this, but maybe you missed it before; Would you ever consider implementing something that allows you to search for/look at cards in the gallery and/or personal gallery, that's based off of which emblem the creator chose to put on the card? Sorry if this was worded awkwardly or confusingly.
Shoemanband 2 months ago
@keyvenn9 You don't need to answer, but I wanted to know why you thought such a feature might be necessary for the site. I personally don't think it should be implemented, but @Nikko can decide for himself if he wants to add it or not.
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
@Shoemanband Why do I need to answer that if it is just a suggestion?
Nikko 2 months ago
@Figelop, there is a section for them in the gallery, if you make them like that (spell named "Keyword: Name" + at least a few tokens showcasing the keyword) it will go into that section automatically if rated well.
Figelop (3.7)2 months ago
You probably get this suggestion a lot, but make a unique custom card option for Keywords that can be added to the gallery.
Shoemanband 2 months ago
Why would you want to disable comments, @keyvnn9?
keyvnn9 (3.8)2 months ago
Would it be possible to have a setting to disable comments on your cards?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 months ago
@NullStalker rating on a card is by no means permanent, especially immediately after entering. It can go up or down, based on new votes or people changing their votes
NullStalker 2 months ago
@Nikko yesterdayit was in the main gallery with a 3.6 rating in fact it was in my Alt. Cards under the gallery tab... did it bug or something?
Nikko 2 months ago
@NullStalker, votes: 93 / rating: 3.39785 :|
NullStalker 2 months ago
Umm hey quick question i had a card in the gallery with a 3.6 rating and now its not in the gallery anymore?? what gives? (card was Illidan Stormrage)
DestroyerR (3.9)2 months ago
It’s there while on the editing page, but once you click ‘create’ the art is gone
Nikko 2 months ago
Does art dissapear when you import custom cards? Is it present in the preview or both the preview and final?
DestroyerR (3.9)2 months ago
Every time I use the ‘import’ tool, it replicates the card with no art at all. Also, it puts the Common gem on basic cards and for some reason automatically writes the card’s name in its text when the card text is blank. Any way to fix it?
Nikko 2 months ago
I like the idea though, let's see if it'll do better second time, I reset the score.
Nikko 2 months ago
It fell below the score threshold (rating: 3.17)
NullStalker 2 months ago
I had a card which made it into the main gallery it still had a rating of ? about an hour ago and now i came back to see wath rating it had gotten but its not in the gallery anymore (the card was a hero card called Arthas Menethil) whats the deal whit that?
Nikko 2 months ago
There isn't.
Matz 2 months ago
I would assume there is no way of actually directly uploading images here though, unless we are doing it through you.... Or is there some weird hidden feature to do so ?
Nikko 2 months ago
@Gothe, it was a series of cards [Standout Minions](1) made by someone and then 'enhanced' in photoshop and reuploaded as normal cards here by me.
Gothe (3.9)2 months ago
@Nikko, i have two questions
1 - What's the Deal with the card; Merciless Gladiator, created by NAXX in 2014? The art for it has a sorta pop-out effect that i haven't seen on this site yet.
2 - Would you ever consider adding a way to look at cards in the gallery/someones personal gallery by expansion? i:e, which emblem they choose to put behind their card text?
Nikko 2 months ago
@Honeyfee, should work now, but don't do this again please: https://i.imgur.com/cHftVVE.png
Honeyfee2 2 months ago
Hello, I can't write any comment in my original account "Honeyfee",(it stays blank for some reason when i click "save") can you check it please, is this a bug or something? Thanks.
Anonymous318 (3.9)3 months ago
That was quick. Thanks, Nikko!
Nikko 3 months ago
@Anonymous318, someone uses that page? should be fixed.
Anonymous318 (3.9)3 months ago
When viewing someone's 'Recent Comments,' the comments don't properly align with their respective cards. Is there a way to fix this?
Nikko 3 months ago
Please leave you comments, bugs and suggestions about HearthCards here.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
Non-related reminder: The Legendary for Rogue is probably Myra, For Druid is probably Flobbidinous Floop, and there is still a Zilliax and a Zerek to work with. And, of course, Dr. Boom for Warrior. Get creatin’!
Nikko 3 months ago
@DatBoi, yes.
@Ragnarok, no. thank you.
Ragnarok 3 months ago
@Nikko is running hearthcards your job? I still really like the site and the awesome community around it.
I litteraly just discovered this comment section and I like it!
DatBoi 3 months ago
@Nikko will we ever be able to delete permanent cards from our personal gallery?
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
@Nikko There could be main art and name for it as a Location, then an explanation and a few cards for it if necessary. It wouldn't require much work to implement I'd hope, but right now if someone made one it would probably go into the void.
Nikko 3 months ago
What does 'Tavern Brawl creator' means in context of card making site?
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
okay, thanks @matz.
Matz 3 months ago
Cards in the Gallery shouldn't be deleted, unless their rating fall too low, which shouldn't be able to happen after a day in the gallery.
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
Hey @Nikko this might be a silly question, but;
i know if we don't create a permanent link to our cards, then they'll be deleted in a couple of days or so. What about Gallery cards? If one of our cards that doesn't have a permanent link make it into the gallery, what would happen to it?
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
What about a custom Tavern Brawl creator? I feel like that would have potential for some very creative ideas.
Duck_Jumper2250 (3.7)3 months ago
Also, would it be possible for every custom class to have a hero card? As some such as Berserk and Swords and Thrones appear blank.
Duck_Jumper2250 (3.7)3 months ago
Very (I mean VERY) small nitpick here, but it's regarding Boomsday and custom classes. When choosing to view the Boomsday set, it appears before Witchwood instead of after it. Sorry if this is troublesome, it just kinda annoys me...
HeyBuddyChum 3 months ago
Can you please add a way to add a token to someone's custom keyword
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
@Matz. Well say you have ideas for cards that your really really like, you think its the best, but they never make it into gallery for just simply being poorly designed, unbalanced, over/underpowered/ or plainly stupid. Well, as long as you can get at least one card into gallery, then you can add all your cards that didn't make the cut as Tokens to that card so they'd technically be in the gallery.
That's how someone could, and probably, would abuse the system easily.
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
Maybe there could be an "Original" part of the Tokens, and then the edited ones would be either before or after them. Having a separate star rating for both would likely be a pain, but it would be interesting.
Matz 3 months ago
Why would you make a great card and change it afterwards though ? It doesn't make much sense.
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
yeah I've thought about how it would be cool to change, alter your cards and tokens already in the gallery, BUT then i thought bout just making a card everyone likes, and that makes it into gallery, then drastically (or minorly) altering it. Even just changing tokens can be considered cheating the system to put new and different tokens in place.
Matz 3 months ago
Well making it so you can only change tokens but not the actual card itself might do the trick. That way you can't change the core of the card itself, but might want to add/change tokens later if some part of it is either outdated due to a new expansion or if you want to update it
Nikko 3 months ago
Seems open to abuse, people voted for one thing but it's suddenly different. It'll have to be some sort of version control system.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
@Nikko when it’s akready in the gallery, I mean
Nikko 3 months ago
@DestroyerR, do you mean what reimporting a card does or when it's already in the gallery?
@Auron2000, personal :thinking: stuff...
Auron2000 3 months ago
@Nikko what are you doing in your personal gallery? :p
Matz 3 months ago
Yeah, if we were able to remove/add tokens for Gallery cards, that would be pretty nice.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
How about being able to edit cards? That’s popular!
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
@Matz gotta create fast!
Matz 3 months ago
Wow, you were pretty quick on adding Boomsday stuff
MrGruyère (3.9)3 months ago
Thanks @Nikko !
And another thing..When will we be able to create expansions in the set creator ?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
@Nikko oh, and BTW, viewing your personal gallery by date is the Hearthcards equivalent of getting high. I love it!
Nikko 3 months ago
@Lucious, no, someone else made the cards I really wanted to delete it but it was too highly rated. I did added a sound and similiar cards joke to it though.

@MrGruyère, done.
Matz 3 months ago
I see you added a way to directly rate a card from within the Gallery... That's pretty cool
Lucious 3 months ago
@Nikko I was wondering: Did you create Brode? And if you did, how can you add sound to cards?
MrGruyère (3.9)3 months ago
That would be cool if we could have an art link even in the queue gallery ^^
Nikko 3 months ago
@DestroyerR, either they were voted down and removed automatically (mostly this) or removed manually or removed by the creator also should move it to the void I think :thinking:.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
Oh, and why do some cards in the void give no explanation as to why they got voided?
Nikko 3 months ago
@Thimzter, either it got rated lower than 3.3 by at least 20 (i think) people or it was non-hearthstony in some way, like having major issues with card text or art.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
@Thimzer I think it passes onto the final voting stage, but isn’t voted high enough to actually enter the gallery
Thimzter (3.8)3 months ago
I have question, sometimes my card get's into the gallery or out of the gallery queue, but then get's deleted from the gallery or doesn't end up in gallery at all, even when i locked it. Has this got something to do with the art not allowed to be used?
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
Oh, something else that occurred to me: people would like it if you could include tokens even after the card entered the gallery
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
Oohhhhh. Well that explains the confusion!
Nikko 3 months ago
@DestroyerR, This comment section originated as a bug. If a card was deleted or even never existed in a first place a comment section could still be opened but it was defaulted to a card with id of 0. Such bug appeared in a few places, notably in set creator when you haven't assigned a hero portrait yet but tried to open it regardless.

That's why there are so many confused comments at the bottom that I will probably remove at some point.

Well while I certainly don't want to automatically change any user inputs (that's why Check button is merely a suggestion) something like that could be used in the Check Button or perhaps a new 'fix common mistakes found' button. But it is pretty advanced stuff so for a time being I doubt it.
DestroyerR (3.9)3 months ago
Wooooooooah. What’s happening... how did this start... when... what... whaaaaa...?

Well, if this is a place to leave suggestions (love it BTW, really useful) here’s some.

1.The mobile version of Hearthcards can’t put the cards you made into the gallery, what’s up with that? (Although you can use the PC version too, so not really an urgent problem)

2. The gold card option could be removed (NOBODY uses it)

3. @Anonymous318’s suggestion about choosing a card in the gallery to rate is cool, but I’m afraid it’ll give waaaaaay too much power to trolls.

4. Maybe a “shorten text” in the main page, and it shows certain expressions in card making that could be shortened or cut (e.g. “enemy characters”>”enemies”, “Discover [something] and add it to your hand”> “Discover something”) (I don’t really know about this idea, it just came to me while I was typing and said “eh, why not”)

I’ll post other suggestions as they occur to me. Thank you @Nikko for creating all of this for free, it’s truly awesome! (Also, if someone could tell me what is up with this card’s history, I’d me much obliged)
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
Thanks @Nikko. Much appreciated.
Nikko 3 months ago
@Gothe, Approximately about 5k cards are created daily (amount of cards made since the beginning can be seen on the main page). Unique visitors count is lower than that, so expectedly most visitors create several cards.
Gothe (3.9)3 months ago
whao whao whao whao whao whao whao, @Nikko, you made, operate, and manage this site all on your own!? I always figrued it was a team or at least a small group. Huh, well props to you, I could never imagine myself creating something like this on my own. Well um, thanks for creating this site, I'm a huge fan of the game and have always wanted to create and design my own custom cards. To all this, i ow you my thanks.

Also a small question - How many people traffic this website daily/weekly/monthly, and how many actually create cards and stuff?
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
@Nikko I noticed that I am able to rate old cards on the site from the card itself now. Looking at this, I was wondering if it was intended for all cards to be rateable now, because I saw the rating stars available on cards from 2014. In addition to this, the best cards of all time order is being changed around.
Nikko 3 months ago
@Anonymous318, don't worry about that, comments about donations were aimed at people who come here with 'Get your shit together' and 'me being fed up with the site' attitude. I appreciate all and any support.

I dont remember what was the idea behind making voting as it was done (initially it was done the way you describe it), I think it was to make sure that most cards were to get some attention (so the site chooses what to show and the order) and then be locked in place so meta change wont affect it (new expansion making older cards broken e.t.c).

I guess at the very least voting on new-ish cards can be allowed with the same 5-star system for registered users.

Update: I've encountered some semi-major issues with how voting system was designed but added this feature in some capacity, can't promise it'll stay, but for testing purposes it is on for now. You can't change your score hovewer due to the way it calculates score.
Anonymous318 (3.9)3 months ago
Hi Nikko,

I've been making cards ever since I found Hearthcards in GvG, and while I don't have money to give at the moment, just know that I really appreciate the time and attention you've put into creating and refining the site for the past few years.

I have a couple suggestions, some of which have been raised by others below.

First, I hope to see some more updates to the Class Creator feature that would make classes more accessible and visible. A rating system like the one for normal cards may help promote newer, well-made classes while burying others of lower quality. It would also be nice to have some sort of template for how many of each rarity card to put in each expansion (Ex. 2 Commons, 3 Rares, 2 Epics, 1 Legendary per class in GvG)

Second, it would be nice to have some way to rate cards by searching them in the Gallery. If I see a card I really want to rate (highly or lowly), the current system requires me to scroll through and rate cards I may not care about, one by one, just to have a chance of that one card popping up. What I suggest is giving users some way of giving cards stars by going into the Gallery and clicking on a card. The Gallery Queue already does this with upvotes and downvotes, while also making it easier to view cards with lots of tokens. If there is an issue of old cards being affected, there could be a system that prevents cards from being rated after a certain number of days has elapsed.

Thanks in advance for reading this.
Nikko 3 months ago
Dear SirBerus,

I have never promised to deliver anything nor asked people directly to give me money in exchange for anything (it is called Donation for a reason, people are free to give money if they liked what they used and feel generous). In fact donation page in plain english asks people not to expect anything and ONLY donate as a token of appreciation.

While I am certainly not entitled to your money, neither are you entitled to anything on this site. Let me remind you that this IS what you called a 'free project', it is a hobby project and not my job or something that supports me monetarily. I am not wasting your time, I am simply in no position to do so, you're free to use this site or any of it's features for free or leave it at any time.

Also this page is now available under Bugs&Suggestions in the main gallery and I am making it to not appear anywhere else on the site. Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas about new features here. And perhaps if you're willing to explain your issues in details something can be done about them.
SirBerus 3 months ago
As for all the features you listed, I've not seen most of them nor do I know how to access the content because you haven't written or explained it anywhere in the site.
SirBerus 3 months ago
I mean I wasn't expecting a reply at all, so I guess you get props for that... but wow, having a dig at the fact I haven't donated? xD That actually explains so much.

If you want my money, give me a reason to give it to you. You're not entitled by any means to it and I don't see how you can honestly ask for donations when you're clearly doing nothing with the money, let alone have a dig at someone who has used the site for over a year and seen no reputable change for not giving you money.

Get your shit together, if people are giving you money, stop wasting their time, and mine. Because I've seen completely free projects do better just by finishing their content.
The fact you are alone working on it is entirely up to you, has nothing to do with me, or your site. If you can't do it alone then why are you asking for money to try promise that every thing?

This is not a new site, we both know that... the only actual change that is worthy of note that I can recall, is the addition of a few extra things you can make and classes... which is still in alpha.
SirBerus 3 months ago
@Nikko The reasoning for me being fed up with the site is pretty simple;

-People aren't updated on whats being worked on.
-The interface for making cards is excellent! by far the best available for making hearthstone cards, however, aspects like adding a card to the gallery, making cards permanent, linking cards together (example being quests) are not simple or easy to understand because nothings explained.

What I mean is, you add a card to your gallery by clicking a small checkbox at the bottom of the processing screen, to chain cards together you have to click a small link in the text window for that checkbox.

It's not fully explained what making a card permanent achieves other than the fact that it won't be deleted, and can be used in making a class. (Another newish added feature)

But once a card is made permanent, it can never be deleted. Why is that someone else or a system does the deleting and not the person who made the cards.

Thing is... I'm not saying ANYTHING needs to be added, I'm saying what's here needs to be finished before adding new content, and maybe a more simplified or easier to understand version of linking cards and adding them to a gallery is in order. Hell, maybe you could explain fully the difference between permanent and non permanent cards, and why we would make a non permanent card. I should also have the option to delete a permanent card from the gallery.
Nikko 3 months ago
@SirBerus, Comments sometimes are deleted automatically for specific swear words (sometimes it does false positives) in this case it was word 'pаnfuсkеry'. It is done this way because some people think it's funny to spam 'kill yourself' and some extra on every card they can and comments and cards can't be moderated 24/7.

I dont know what major changes should this site undergo all the time, considering hearthstone is not a very 'changing' game in nature, but new features like MSoG banners and new emblems are usually available 5-10 minutes after it is shown on stream. Also nice to hear this from people who never donated/supported the site. And 'they' is just one person by the way, although sometimes people help.

Some of the things we got since last year are:
- 6 new emblems.
- Knights of the Frozen throne incl. support for new cardtype - HeroCards (this includes all old features, like you can put gang banners on herocards e.t.c) and all cards are importable + expansion appropriate minor site redesign.
- Most custom classes got HeroCards made for them (each one manually).
- 4 new custom classes some of them include new Tint feature (recolors).
- Kobolds expansion incl. legendary weapons and all cards are importable + expansion appropriate minor site redesign.
- One new custom cardtype for people to use (Locations, made based on requests).
- Ability to use URL for art instead of files.
- Boss cards added.
- Witchwood support and all its cards are inmportable + expansion appropriate minor site redesign.
- Comments were added (based on user requests).
- Discord bot to make cards for /r/customhearthstone community.
- Big amount of minor fixes to card rendering and other parts of the site that I am not going to type out.

What would you like to be added?

Image files for Permanent cards that were saved with 'get permanent link' button can't be removed because there is not even a code to do so. If they somehow dissapear for you and dont show up even under 'Alt. Mycards' I would like to see example of such cards, but the file itself should be accessible.

I'll remove this comment section in a few days.
WingedLemons 3 months ago
PlanktonnCD 3 months ago
SirBerus 3 months ago
Comment that was deleted - Plus, cards that you have made, usually can't be commented on because the comment section brings you here, making the cards null and void. Why they would delete this comment and not the one below, idfk, goes to show how much they care xD
SirBerus 3 months ago
Adding onto this, some cards can be commented on while others randomly share this chat. Leaving whatever cards affected by this panfuckery, null and void. Meaning a lot of wasted time.
SirBerus 3 months ago
It would seem even permanent cards can be deleted by the site admins who don't even care enough to explain to everyone what the heck is going on with all of this mess.

They're certainly not hard at work because this site hasn't seen major change in over a year.

There seems to be no real way of guaranteeing that a card you made will STAY in your gallery for at least YOU to see. Not displaying a new card that reads: Card not found, we can't find this card, perhaps it was deleted. Sorry about that!

Sorry about that? Stop being sorry and stop doing it! These are PERMANENT cards I'm talking about that were added to the gallery. I can't even view them in my own gallery anymore.

jk, i'll be back and we know it but I WISH I was done with this site!
DaffythScoot 3 months ago
So this is bad. This is a chain of comments for cards that don't exist, meaning almost all my cards don't exist. Shit
Ragnarok 3 months ago
this is the most mysterious thing in history of Hearthcards, I think
But still, wat the actual Feck
CarlL 3 months ago
At least I'm not lol
CarlL 3 months ago
Guys everyone probably have different cards, we aren't commenting on your other cards just to be clear.
jazipa 3 months ago
I didnt want this to be permanent, but heathcards just made it so. There was an updated version later but it was removed (even though i locked it). I also have no idea where these comments came from but okay.
Fapman650 3 months ago
Lmao I made this card
Fapman650 3 months ago
Omg what the fuck
MathSalvo 3 months ago
why is this card permanent??
MakeFeed 3 months ago
vexsan 3 months ago
I just created a portal for all site comments
Friendship 3 months ago
What the hell is goin on here. Why so many comments lol
Friendship 3 months ago
what is this shit
MathSalvo 3 months ago
permanent?! someone know what the fuck is this ??
kkkkenzo 3 months ago
eae man
MrAipo (3.8)3 months ago
Hearthcards Deepweb Chat
PlanktonnCD 3 months ago
BlackHammer66 3 months ago
SirBerus 3 months ago
v yep.
Ragnarok 3 months ago
I have no idea wat the F is going on here
SirBerus 3 months ago
It seems to be a case of someone started making this but then got over it and stopped working on updates because for over a year nothing has really changed except for alpha classes which shouldn't have come until the whole gallery and card collection was all sorted... WE HAVE TWO CARD GALLERIES WTF
SirBerus 3 months ago
re-order without remaking them entirely*
SirBerus 3 months ago
Sorry barrier but your family will probs not make it as you cant really re do a card without remaking it entirely.
BarrierTrio 3 months ago
how do i reorder my cards pls help my family is dying
Mirealyan 3 months ago
Sqentontheslime 4 months ago
it would appear that making cards on my phone is a big No-No, it doesn't get the goddamn art attached.
Whelp Rip
Figelop (3.7)4 months ago
SirBerus 4 months ago
I think mine did a similar thing, I got sick of waiting for a card to create so I just closed everything and tried again later and it worked.
VirginioScotti 4 months ago
keyvnn9 (3.8)4 months ago
I was trying to publish a card, but it wasn't going into the queue or even the void. I tried twice, waited a few hours, then tried again, but still nothing. Anyone know what's going on?
CarlL 4 months ago
This has been here a long time actually, so I don't really know. Doesn't feel like anything is really happening.
SirBerus 4 months ago
No clue, this site isn't very clear yet hey... Seems to still be a work in progress.
Thorgaaz 4 months ago
Strange i can see my Cards under my Cards, but without token and i cant find it in the Gallery, even if the site tells me that only Gallerycards are permanently saved. Soooo what happened to my Card now? Is the Token visible? Is it in Gallery or not? I cant figure it out.
SirBerus 4 months ago
idk how to remake them but you can add token cards which are cards thatrelate to another card by clicking on add to gallery after you make it, read what the pop up menu says and click the create a token card to make a card that relates to the card you just made.
SkyBLUEkeplers 4 months ago
SmashUrComputrz 4 months ago
lmao waddup guys
HDkiller_45 4 months ago
How did y'all get here?
GUHDORGAS 4 months ago
HAHA1n 4 months ago
I mean how to find the cards ID
HAHA1n 4 months ago
Does anyone know how to link cards to remake them?
SirBerus 4 months ago
Is there a way to get rid of cards you made permanent by accident. I have a lot of cards that didnt go as planned.
g4bz.exe 4 months ago
Is this the call of the void
JesterCofee 4 months ago
I cant make a card which overlay with token card
CattoFromSpace 4 months ago
Hey guys who here likes lemons??
IronOfDragoons 4 months ago
Sebastek 4 months ago
Flat is justice
the_ikahn 4 months ago
that's interesting that permanent cards get you here
Spacechickenleg 4 months ago
Wow, permenant cards rly are portals to the secret chat.
Spacechickenleg 4 months ago
Ronnon 4 months ago
I need help
Ronnon 4 months ago
darkjonass 4 months ago
I'm back !
MPlayerPL 4 months ago
KillTheCow 4 months ago
Notice us mods
CarlL 4 months ago
Hikki 4 months ago
Is this still here?
Gandari 4 months ago
We are in their lab. Quick, grab everything you can find and run!
CrispyPickles (3.7)4 months ago
The Secret Thread!
MEMO212 4 months ago
What the fuck is my cards doing as a forum????
Kronoz 5 months ago
I support the gay fanfic notion.
El1j4h 5 months ago
mabe then mods will notice us
El1j4h 5 months ago
lets post gay funfiction here
eminon 5 months ago
Because this seems to be the main chat, and I can't figure out how to contact the mods, I'm posting my complaint here. The import function makes cards the wrong set, plz fix.
TheGronne 5 months ago
Wtf is this lmao
Hearthstone_27 5 months ago
How do you create a class?
LordMrglgr 5 months ago
El1j4h 5 months ago
I think we somehow made an own chat thread that unites all Permanent cards
CoolCards 5 months ago
What's going on here?
Terakali 5 months ago
How the hell am I supposed to actually go about making the class?
langdon 5 months ago
hey guys
icewater 5 months ago
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)5 months ago
question: is there a way to see all classes made by a certain user?
Quaxza 5 months ago
holy shit
Mr.Diggory 5 months ago
lol,Now all my permanent cards are in the wrong chat, what the hell?
Ally399 5 months ago
Sorry don't know how to add art.
MrGruyère (3.9)5 months ago
@Xocoyotzin You must make a permanent link when you create your cards
Magnomine 5 months ago
@Xocoyotzin when I try to add cards they do not get added.
Xocoyotzin 5 months ago
*since this
Xocoyotzin 5 months ago
Hello guys. Since these seems to be the main chat, is there some kind of plugin I need to run the class creator? When I click to add cards I get a big grey box with no other details at all whatsoever.
JustiguyMakes 5 months ago
What on earth happened here?
HDkiller_45 5 months ago
I've deleted the card and made a new one.
Asherino 5 months ago
AtomicNinja24 5 months ago
i am not able to add cards. is this just because the creator is not available to me yet?
VirginioScotti 5 months ago
Hello and welcome to the official chat of Hearthcards
Lucious 5 months ago
I mean what the hell?
Lucious 5 months ago
This is soooo weird.
JesseSA 5 months ago
mano, q isso?
Compressere 5 months ago
Is this a public forum?
HDkiller_45 5 months ago
Mrcreeperfun 5 months ago
cuz idk
Mrcreeperfun 5 months ago
How do you add cards?
DatBoi 5 months ago
Think there's no way at this time. I've also asked your same question on the Hearthcards thread on Hearthpwn but nobody answered.
twilightsoul 5 months ago
Question, how can I delete a permanent card? I was making experiments, and now I have a card that I don't want in the galery.
Meaeu 5 months ago
These are quite the comments.
Cappan03 5 months ago
Enzo1338 5 months ago
wtf is these comments
Mrzozo 5 months ago
Why I can't add cards to my custom class ?
TheGronne 5 months ago
Wtf is happening I'm laughing so hard right now
MikeIndrawan 5 months ago
GrayWolf 5 months ago
Hey guys I need help...How do you add a keyword explanation to a card? All it does is save it on my pc....
Lucious 5 months ago
Wtf is going on?
Crinja_The_Ninja 5 months ago
Oh Yeah
littlemrdoom 5 months ago
"Time to recruit mods for the new community chatroom 'Permanent Cards Lobby'" i volunteer the next person who comments on here!
VirginioScotti 5 months ago
͖ ̸̡̽̅̑̃̏͌̎ͪ̆̀̿͆̓͗̾̉̿ͤ̕͟
̴̠̰̼͚̯̭̬͕̝̱̱̬ͮ̈ͤ͢ ͕͚̪̝̠̰͚̥̖͔͓̜ͨ͂ͧ̉̑̿͑̀͜͝
̳̤͔̯̠͇̓̈́̍̓ͩ̌͋͂̋́̚̚͞ ̢̢̛͉͚͚̣̱ͥ͑̇̈́̆͑̔̅͋̓ͣ̚d̆̾
͕ ̸ͤͣ̂̑̈ͪͭͭͨ̀͆̿ͫ̒̓̓͐̂̚͢͡
PepeYolann 5 months ago
Time to recruit mods for the new community chatroom 'Permanent Cards Lobby'
Rumu11 (3.8)5 months ago
heya :3
CarlL 6 months ago
Ok then I don't know what's going on lol. From the begining I though that everyone was talking about my cad specifically, but now I know.
Patar15 6 months ago
I see a card that I made by the name Little Big Bodyguard.
CarlL 6 months ago
What is going on haha why does it say that the card is permanent? I mean it was a while ago since I did it and I thought that it was gone by now, guess I was wrong then... Guys what do you see? I see a card I made named Cavern Crab. Do you guys see another card?
Sebastek 6 months ago
wazzup ni
MEMO212 6 months ago
I was abroad and my time changed to 1970
VirginioScotti 6 months ago
CrispyPickles (3.7)6 months ago
Lol card made in 1970 XD
Pat Nagle 6 months ago
kasper376 6 months ago
Hello my bois
DatBoi 6 months ago
Good to know the Basic Set was already a thing back in the 70's
Bready (3.7)6 months ago
Well met!
itzWiktor 6 months ago
Why does mods keep deleting my cards for no reason xd
VirginioScotti 6 months ago
jk man
DonquyxoteDFF 6 months ago
Why not?
VirginioScotti 6 months ago
No you will not lol
DonquyxoteDFF 6 months ago
the first idea is ''Swap with quest-card'', but I will change it
Buldocek 6 months ago
Rino (3.8)6 months ago
My card is popular! Hi guys please subscribe jk xD
YoTha 6 months ago
kasper376 6 months ago
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)6 months ago
well looks like this is now a chatroom hi guys how are you today
GeneralGrievous 6 months ago
HydroShark (3.6)6 months ago
quakins (3.7)6 months ago
Nata 7 months ago
Reivax 7 months ago
If i send fotos of animals, does it counts as nudes.
Animals don't wear clothes.
Bv44 7 months ago
Uhhhh ok
VirginioScotti 7 months ago
send nudes
kalkans 7 months ago
GrayWolf 7 months ago
petebar (4)7 months ago
I thought i only can see permanent cards too.. It seems like these comments appear on every single permanent card...
Yetiman 7 months ago
Reivax 7 months ago
w8, you can see mypermanet cards that were deleted.
I thought that once they were deleted only i could see them.
PeakOrchid7716 7 months ago
WTF after your card as been deleted the same comments are on all the permanent cards that been deleted
El1j4h 7 months ago
Well, atleast this card summoned some demons here
kalkans 7 months ago
Very bad and useless card lmao
Jbirdcatcher 7 months ago
are any of these comments even related to my card?
DatBoi 7 months ago
Just, how? How do you all have access to this? lel
Velken Iakov 7 months ago
I accessed the hidden comment chain! Unlimited power!
itzWiktor 7 months ago
This card wasn't affected by the plague, hearthcards keeps deleting my cards for no reason, even tho it wasn't in the void. I think hearthcards haves real bad moderation.
Nikko 7 months ago
this is a "card doesn't exist" comment chain, that also shouldn't exist tbh.
SneakySnake5 7 months ago
probably was affected by the plague...
SneakySnake5 7 months ago
this card totally broke
???? :) 7 months ago
Wait...WTF? What happened of this card?
Shadowstorm 7 months ago
and where did the rest of the comments go?
Shadowstorm 7 months ago
What the heck is going on with the comment section of this card?
MrAipo (3.8)7 months ago
WTF, what is this?!
BeastMaker123 7 months ago
Subnautica XD
Ivdb23 7 months ago
shouldve been a token card but i fucked some shit up
DatBoi 8 months ago
Are this comments even related to the card? What's that hydra reference...
Likafoss 8 months ago
what even is this?
CC 8 months ago
maike16 8 months ago
Qualquer feitiço de fogo mata á hydra imediatamente
VanBuba 8 months ago