Centiwing - Custom Hearthstone Card


24th December, 2020 (RR)

Made by DustenStein

DustenStein (4.1) (creator)9 months ago
Twas nought but a joke, @TheFriendlyEnemy.
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)9 months ago
@Mzop A 2 mana 7/12 would be significantly overtuned. Duels treasures are supposed to only be about 3 Mana stronger than real cards, see Necrotic Poison.
Deloa 9 months ago
If anything this feel a little weak, but at least it's not situational so maybe you pick it when you get two other treasures that don't fit your deck.
Mzop (3.9)9 months ago
What do you mean?
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)9 months ago
@Mzop That's a joke, right? Just checking.
Mzop (3.9)9 months ago
i would even say at 2 mana this is insanley weak
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)9 months ago
This feels mondo weak for a treasure. I'd even bring it down to 6.
Randomizer (3.6)9 months ago
For a Duels Treasure, totally fine. This could see regular print at 10, maybe even 9 Mana, so -2.5 Mana is normal.
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)9 months ago
I feel like this is too strong. Should I make it 8 mana?