Archimonde the Defiler - Custom Hearthstone Card

Archimonde the Defiler

12th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by royal_(watchout) ()

Poondaedalin (3.7)3 months ago
I imagine if there was a card which placed a minion at the bottom of your deck, Discolock as a whole would be a better archetype. You simply place the problematic cards at the bottom of your deck, and use them at your discretion.
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
And I should mention that you have to draw both copies of a card that this shuffles in order to gain a bonus. This pretty much shuffles a load of dead draws into your deck, because you would have those cards in your hand anyway without discards.
keyvnn9 (3.8)3 months ago
The inherent problem with any discard synergy that you want to play is that it gets discarded. This requires a very substantial amount of cards to be discarded, which is bad for you and can also discard this. Besides that, you only get one extra copy of each card. A couple of extremely delayed cards is not worth absolutely wrecking your hand advantage and requiring you to draw and play an 8 drop.
Anonymous318 (4)3 months ago

I need to think on this a little more. We're talking about a card that both relies on an archetype that tries to discard as many cards as possible, and yet players don't want to discard. A deck that runs Archimonde as a consistent win con would be limited to Shriek and Reckless Diretroll for discard support, and I'm not sure shuffling 6-8 copies of the lowest cost cards in your hand is worth the Fatigue buildaround. But who knows. Maybe Clutchmother and Jeklik can make the card work.
MurlocAggroB (3.8)3 months ago
@Anonymous318 Not every card needs to support an archetype that exists. An Archivist Elysiana effect is obviously really good for a Control archetype, doubly so where one can give you almost guaranteed good cards. Strong cards are needed to push new playstyles, and this is a strong card.

(Actually, this should probably be 9 mana, for the same reason Elysiana is. You don't want 60 card games).
Poondaedalin (3.7)3 months ago
I’m guessing this is meant to be used in a Discard Control Warlock of some kind, perhaps one that doesn’t yet exist.
Anonymous318 (4)3 months ago
I'm confused what the intended benefit is. is this made for some sort of Fatigue Discard Warlock?

You're just replacing cards in your deck with cards you've drawn, so it doesn't inherently increase deck quality. There's no real benefit to this effect aside from as a Fatigue buffer, and Fatigue Warlock hasn't exactly been a historically successful archetype.

And sure, you might return a key win condition you've discarded back into your deck. It's just not reliable when the card meant to shuffle that card can be discarded itself. The main use of Soulwarden wasn't to return win conditions; it was to use discard synergy to create card advantage.

I'm not seeing a deck that runs this. Someone is free to correct me if I'm missing some blatantly broken interaction.
Gonzy89 3 months ago
this could result in pure discard madness or a pure garbage deck, I love it.