Illidan, Archdruid - Custom Hearthstone Card

Illidan, Archdruid

4th February, 2021 (RR)

Made by Gothe

Gothe (4.2) (creator)8 months ago
@Octotron 2000 Ah shoot! I remember thinking "Should I check the Sfapeshift Hero Power? Nah, I know how to spell it."
little did I know. lol
Octotron 2000 (4)8 months ago
The only nitpicks I have is that Shapeshift is one word and back has a capital B for some reason. Otherwise I find it cool.
Randomizer (3.6)8 months ago
It seems fine, it's basically like upgrading your Hero Power with Justicar, but earlier and a harder tempo loss.
Poondaedalin (4)8 months ago
I really like practical effects like this. It might be too strong, though, since Felfire Deadeye allows you to cast both for 0 Mana.
Kapiork 8 months ago
IIRC, Illidan was training to be a druid at one point, he just didn't have the patience to become one.
Gothe (4.2) (creator)8 months ago
no, they don't refresh each other
Gothe (4.2) (creator)8 months ago
In an alternate timeline, where Illidan became the archdruid Malfurion was meant for (yes, I know Illidan was originally a Mage. Good thing this is a different time line, else I'd be in some hot water)

What it means is essentially you have your default hero power, and a second one.