Sneed's Super Shredder - Custom Hearthstone Card

Sneed's Super Shredder

25th February, 2018 (K&C)

Made by Bonesaw

Kapiork 8 months ago
This in the mirror match = very slim chance of having infinite 7/7s.
LordMrglgr 1 year ago
Sneeds Super Shredder + Sneeds Shredder
Loki 1 year ago
Yeah, "summon it from your hand would be more clear. Coz i thought it discovers it only for deathrattle without adding it to your hand. Also adding "gain Deathrattle: summon it" will be not good thing to do. Right now you can: 1. Resummon it with N'Zoth, 2. Find it in journey below. Its very good
Schlauchneid 1 year ago
"... and gain Deathrattle: Summon it." would be the most clear version for the intended effect I guess.
Bonesaw (creator)1 year ago
Perhaps the deathrattle should have read "Summon it from your hand" for added clarification. You only get the 1 Discovered minion.
Domibob199 1 year ago
Broken. Two copies of a Class Legendary of your Choice? One is delayed,sure, but this is just tooo good.