Manna - Custom Hearthstone Card


15th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by Gatekeeper

pipMcDohl 2 years ago
Really cool mechanic yet it' a card that cost a card. if the idea is to help surviving the first seven turns it needs something more, like a "draw a card". a synergy with coins would be great. so maybe give us a coin as well? or having a 1/4 minion for 2 mana on board that give you a coin at the end of turn each turn a healing occur.
suchti0352 2 years ago
the problem with these cards is that you can have a huge advantage if you draw it early
Deloa 2 years ago
Oh I thought it was only one time, my bad then.
RavenKnight 2 years ago
Seems more like "For the rest of the game, when you spend all your mana in a turn, restore 1 health to all friendly characters."
Deloa 2 years ago
So it's 1 Mana to restore 1 Health to all friendly character ? Seems pretty weak, even if I like the Idea.