Sparking Tower - Custom Hearthstone Card

Sparking Tower

1st July, 2019 (RR)

Made by Cosmic14

Poondaedalin (4)2 years ago
I personally would wait until after the SoU hype train leaves the station to continue this, since people are probably going to ignore everything else for the next month.
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)2 years ago
It is recomended you stay away from the top of the tower at all costs. Unless for cookout purpouses, in which case the insulated suits are to your left.
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)2 years ago
Well, thank unnamed user for making "The thunder keeper". They inspired me to make these cards and to be honest, this could be really fun in a spark control shaman!
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
Really nice effect, and I like the archetype you are pushing!
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)2 years ago
Meh, Spark shaman is (maybe) a new thing.

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